Just that Friday

Thank God It’s Friday … woke up feeling bad, like MJ *Michael Jackson* bad, and who came up with that line anyway? Well I went to the clinic and I was told it’s fatigue plus an oncoming or midway cold. Wow! That “cold” was to justify my symptoms … lol.

Random thought

Coincidence is such an underrated word. Like what are the chances that things happen by coincidence? Like you say something that I had just thought, or do something that I had just done. Or meet someone who you needed in one way or another and they also needed you and you’re just it! Coincidence is probably God’s way of coming to our rescue.

I’m feeling

Miss Pout was me, but I think I should be done with this feeling from today.

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This weekend

I need to relax … take a chill pill, preferably think less about stuff. In this case you should be expecting quite a couple of blonde tweets and statements…lol

I’m craving

That chicken! Yummmm!

Songs of the week

Sweet and mellow … it’s gotta be Gavin DeGraw, just suits my mood …

I want and pray

For a peace of mind. To get used to my schedule and to be able to do my stuff with ease … no stress! I mean if others have done it, why not me, so no more pouting.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*