Kawiria: Friday Feels – 3

Because we Thank God It's Friday!

I’m wondering

Why it’s always easier said than done? Why is it difficult to speak your mind freely or even say what you want even when you clearly know what you want or how you want things to be? Why do we over think what the other persons reaction might be? Then we suppress our thoughts and feelings based on the assumption that they will have a negative reaction.

I’m feeling


I’m excited about

Nothing really, and I being honest here. I am in that weird space, the one that has you feeling bleugh about everything.

I’m looking forward to

I guess staying in on the weekend. I was really looking forward to Friday, just to get that break.

I’m listening to

I’m watching

Insecure. It’s a comedy series written and produced by Issa Rae! She showcases her uncomfortable everyday experiences and how she, together with her best friend Molly, deal with their own real life flaws and their insecurities.


I was telling my friend, Mondy, that sometimes I feel a little insecure about how simple I am with my looks and demeanor. Sometimes. Most of the time I just don’t care, because I feel comfortable in my skin. When I do, it’s just because in comparison to my peers at that point I look like the plain Jane – natural hair, little to no make up, flat shoes over heels and so on. Then comes Issa Rae, and I’m like, “Girl! Where have you been all my life?” I love that she graces our screen as she is. Her realness has me crushing on her!

I’m Reading

Her Roots by Lanji Ouko. It’s a different kind of read that I am slowly warming up to and I love that it’s written by a young lady experiencing life on her terms and she’s sharing what has been her roller-coaster journey.

I’m craving

Pumpkin soup with some buttered bread.

I’m wishing/hoping for

That I’m doing life the way I am supposed to. And if by any chance I am not, that I be pushed back in the right direction. Not too harshly though, my heart is not ready. Just a nudge in the right direction will do…lol.

I’m praying for

A peace of mind and continuous progress.

Quote I’m living by

You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.

Tory Kelly, Colors of the Wind