Kawiria: Friday Feels -7

Because we still Thank God It's Friday.

I’m thinking

With most things in life, it’s always a catch and release. Faithing it means that you can go for it and be ready to catch it and when you do and you need to release it, you let it go. Knowing when it’s the right time, so that you don’t catch it prematurely or too late. Knowing how to hold it, so that you don’t squeeze it too hard and it crashes or too loosely so that it slips away. Knowing when its lifespan is over, so that you don’t release it prematurely or let it overstay its time. It’s a delicate balance and you have to listen to yourself and to the universe so keenly. Pray and believe that whatever you do is aligned to your divine purpose.

I’m feeling

Extremely grateful for the big and the small things. I have moments when I want to sit at the corner and just be broody, but then I remember that God has really had my back. And when I remember that, all I can say is ‘THANK YOU. Thank you for riding those big waves with me and that even when those big waves came at me, I didn’t waver, I took them on head-on. And that’s the strength I want to deal with things that come my way, because

when you stop, the world doesn’t stop with you. Actually, it moves on real fast. So you better keep it moving too! Click To Tweet

I’m excited about

My work place. So far so good, I love the vibe there. I feel like they could be a part of my tribe. I belong. And nothing beats that feeling especially if it’s a place you’re spending the better part of your day.

Hanging out with Benji, the Bongo at the launch of Tinga Tinga Tales – The Musical

I’m looking forward to

Continuous growth and learning about myself. I’ve slowly been rebuilding the parts of me that had been suppressed and had been dominated by my circumstances. Loving myself and learning how to express my love freely without any fear, especially fear of people.

I’m listening to

Makes me want to shake my bum bum!

I’m watching

Thogori’s IG Live. If she had a frequency, I’d stay connected, because her positive energy just radiates and permeates. Also, Chris Pratt’s acceptance speech at the MTV Awards for the Generation Award, was one for the books!

I’m reading

Danielle Steel’s – The Family Album. It’s a repeat read. I remember I’d asked guys to so share with me their emails. I was planning to start a simple ‘reading for fun’ book club, I still am. I am just settling into work, then I will pick up where I left off.

I’m craving

Cupcakes from XOXO Baked Indulgence. She bakes the best cakes and she brings them for family meetings! Been saying I’ll order some just for my indulgence.

I’m wishing/praying

For stability and authenticity in the different spheres of my life. And to be surrounded by people that help bring those two elements into my life. If not, please be gone.

Quote I’m living by

Don’t be a turd. If you’re strong be a protector and if you’re smart be a humble influencer; strength and intelligence can be weapons, and do not wield them against the weak. That makes you a bully. Be bigger than that.

Chris Pratt

Happy Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead!

Stay Inspired,