Kawiria: Friday Feels -8

Because we still Thank God It's Friday.

I’m thinking

Therapy is really important and it should be a part of one’s lifestyle. Like you should do it when things are going well and when things are not going so well. Therapy doesn’t mean that you are messed up (technically, if we are to look at it from that angle, we all are), it just means that you have someone who you can off load the things in your mind to. Someone neutral and non-judgemental who is there to hear you out – your scattered thoughts, and help you put them together and make some sense out of them. Sometimes just someone to talk to about everything that’s going on with you without any filters.

I’m feeling

Quite chirpy, but then also very chill. It just depends on the environment I find myself in.

I’m excited about

Two things. First, my new pair of spectacles. My other pair broke and I was holding it together using sellotape. Definitely didn’t look good for my personal brand. I like how these ones feel and look, it’s like I’m wearing brand-spanking-new eyes every time I put them on. plus they fit so well. Second, an air fryer that I acquired and I’m learning how to use. For now, it feels like my foods are kinda-sorta backfiring. So I need to learn the tricks of cooking with it i.e. figuring out the correct time and the temperatures settings.

I’m looking forward to

July. July, September and December are my favourite months, save for February which is my birthday month. I hope that July is good to us and that it’s warmer! I know its usually a cold month, but it surely can’t get colder than it has been, that would be torturous.

I’m listening to

I’m watching

Planning to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. I had heard of it some time back, but then after reading the synopsis I decided not to watch it. Then I had a lunch-time chat with a colleague and she recommended it. I decided that I will give it a try. She even said we can discuss it after I’ve watched it. Win!

I’m reading

To say the truth, this has been me every night when I want to read a page of my current read. I will figure out how to make my bedtime a little earlier – so that I can have a window of 30 mins – 1 hour to read. Will update you next Friday on how that goes.


I’m craving

Can’t quite place a finger on it. But with the way this weather is set up, it could be something as simple as warmth 😉

I’m wishing/praying

That my predictions for the World Cup games are correct. They’re all guess work. I predicted that the final match will be between Brazil – Colombia (2-0). LOL. Also, I’m still a #TeamArgentina from my initial office sweepstake. I’m feeling more invested now, so maybe that will be a reason to watch some of these World Cup games.

Quote I’m living by

The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work. You couldn’t teach a person what I’ve learned just standing and watching.

Michael Jackson

Happy Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead!

Stay Inspired,