Kawiria: Friday Feels – 9

Because we still Thank God It's Friday.

I’m thinking

I actually don’t mind doing housework. I was going to say it’s therapeutic, but I would be pushing it, because it can also be draining, especially when I’m feeling super exhausted or cold (this weather!). On the upside, it’s a good time to think about stuff, because it helps me focus. It’s also good for the pockets too. You save that amount and treat yourself right after, lol.

Well, that has been me since the beginning of this year. I’ve not hired anyone to help me with housework, but I’ve gotten to a point where I am like, it’s probably about that time, the house suddenly feels unmanageable. Maybe for a day of the week to do the heavy lifting, then the rest of the days I do the light cleaning here and there. That’s what I used to do before.

I’m feeling

Like just chilling … lazing. Hence the deep thought up there.

I’m excited about

To the weekend. Although I’m already thinking how to short it seems with the number of things I need to do.

I’m looking forward to

Another road trip! I want to go for many road trips – planned or random; long or short! I’m starting to like the idea of them and opening up to them, before I was a bit apprehensive about them for no good reason.

I’m listening to

Some Friday mix on Apple Music. It is a mix of high-energy smashes. I’m just there, so anything works right now, plus I’m bumping to them. As I write these are the ones that have played:

  • Kevin Lyttle – Turn Me On. I don’t know what happened to him. One hit wonder?
  • Destiny’s Child  Bootylicious
  • Gwen Stefani  The Sweet Escape
  • The Notorious B.I.G (ft. Mase and Puff Daddy) – Mo Money Mo problems

I’m watching

I didn’t even start with The Hand Maid’s Tale, because time. But I will when I get a chance. In the meantime, I want to watch a Rom-Com that was recommended by one of my girlfriends, I Feel Pretty. It’s starring Amy Schumer, so I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

I’m reading

I was supposed to update you on my resolve to go to bed early so that I can get at least a window of 30 mins to 1 hours to read. I have not been successful, but I will continue trying. I’m still getting into bed and passing out almost immediately. Lol. Let’s blame it on the weather.

I’m craving

Prawns prepped by a certain person! Gah! Now, how to get them to make them for me? I’ll just ask, or better yet, I’ll just go buy them from Lavington Mall (which is where I discovered one can get fresh ones) and deliver them to their house and smile 🙂

I’m praying for

Anyone that’s burdened by something that feels like it’s getting way out of their control. That they may find a way to work around it and find some peace within. Inner peace is priceless!

Quote I’m living by

The worst kind of lonely is not when you’re alone. It’s when you’re right next to them, and emotionally, there’s no one home.

At this stage of my journey, that’s one thing I am trying to actively do. Be available emotionally. I have experienced that kind of lonely, and I can tell you for a fact, it’s the worst. You feel trapped, suffocated and helpless. And I wouldn’t want to take anyone else through that or go through it again. You’re better off being alone if you don’t have the capacity to give. It’s a give and take.

Happy Friday!

Stay Inspired,