Liar Liar. Pants on Fire.

When we were once young, lying was a big thing thanks to all this fables that when you lie your nose will grow long *Pinocchio style* or all the other kids will scream at as with phrases such as “Liar Liar Pants On Fire”— and at that stage you don’t want to be the laughing-stock of other kids while they haul at you names like cheater and so on.

Our lies used to be so obvious…because we all wanted to look more powerful or more prestigious that the others. Normally the lies would be about:

The household items you have like a kid would go like “Us guys have a bigger T.V than yours, or my dad bought a Play Station but they’ve locked it in their room”

How powerful your folks are. For example, my dad has a Gun

Fake relations for example where you tell your friends that your cousin is your brother.

And other kids always wanted to verify whether this information you are giving them is actually true. I mean if they come to your house, they want to see all those things you were telling them about and if they actually exist or not. I can recall some kids in Primary School who used to lie big time.

Now we are all grown up. And you’d think habits such as lying would  be dropped. Ha! Shocker. People have actually established a career in Cheating, Lying — Con men, Spouses those are just but a few. But at the moment I’ll leave Con-men out of the picture because those people piss the shit out of me.

So as usual, on my way to work, the matatus rather force me to listen to the one and only Classic FM’s Breakfast show with Maina Kageni (my best radio personality by the way) and King’ang’i as they are discussing about Lying spouses. Men who lie and Women who lie.

And I’m not talking about Cheating spouses here, it’s lying {get the difference}…cheating would be where one has other girlfriends or boyfriends on the side but lying on the other hand is the kind we used to tell when we were kids, just that now it’s on an a more serious and upgraded level.

A person will practically lie about their life in order to get the attention of the opposite sex. Like as in the radio, a man proudly calls saying how he lied his way to marriage because he thought that the girl would otherwise not accept him for who he actually was and had.

According to the conversation, which lasted a few minutes. The man said from the first day  he lied to the girl {who according to him was from “the up-town” and could not interact with him if she knew his actual situation} So he lied about his career, the car he drives and how he lives in a big mansion, and has a lot of money…yeah the normal lies we would tell as kids just that at this point you start living the lie…the guy would use his friends cars and houses as a proof to his lies. Until when the girl got hitched.

A lie never lasts for so long, eventually it squeezes its way out and identifies itself as a lie…I mean he wasn’t going to take the girl in the mansions forever, or keeping borrowing money to take her for expensive dates…so he had to now own up and state his belongings and who he actually is…lol would’ve loved to see the look on the girls face.

Then as I thought about, I was like what would I do if that happened to me? Of course my first thought would be “Run back to daddy’s house”…but really??? How do you live with such a person after that, maybe then all the other emotional things they told you were a lie as well…you know how things always link up and form a long chain.

And then just after this, this is the quote I come across, “A man who will not lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings” How now? *SIGH*

Anyway, just like men lie, women do as well. I hear men complaining about all the make up and fake additionals such as weaves, fake behinds, wonder bras, acrylics only for them to find out that the person they actually got attracted to is just but a fixation and they feel lied to…those are just but a few.

Well clearly according to research, lies will always exist…Home, Work, School. Sometimes you have to lie to save yourself from entering the fire while you are already in the the frying pan. I usually call those small lies, because they last for that moment and you rectify then ASAP. for example if you haven’t met the deadline and you pull an excuse just to cover up for that moment…yeah and they have to be SMART lies, else you’ll be caught pants down.

Although there are some which are overrated, like lying to your spouse, I wouldn’t choose to be with someone who I find myself lying to every now and then, that means your life would be miserable, because the lie has to be in continuous pros…lol you have to remember what it is you said about something, so that you can add another lie to the lie. #ifyouknowwhatimean


Whats better, A lie that draws a smile or Truth that draws a tear?

Signing Off *Kawi*