Life is like a Road.

Been a while since I wrote something. For once I was not craving anything foody but to just have a moment to write. I have a million things that go through my mind at any one point. Then while at it, I think, will that be blog worthy? Then I have those people who tell me stuff or stories and make sure to note “don’t blog about that”. I wish to say that I don’t blog about everything, unless I think it will influence, inspire or impact knowledge in a positive way to those who pass by my online humble abode. So, in case you’re sharing something that will do either of those then you read my blog and you see it, “I’m sorry, I just had to”.

The other day, the mister and I were driving on the highway. ‘We’ because I am the co-driver, you know we never sit still, we’re always on the look out. Being a new driver on a road can be pretty frustrating though, there’s so much you don’t know about that road, that if you knew, you would reach destination in a jiffy. On a new road you don’t know where the turn in’s and exits are, where the speed bumps, big bumps and zebra crossings are. Every move is a learning experience. Then you record that in your mind and the next time you’re there you manoeuvre like you’re quite the pro. Then other time, given a chance you could drive with your eyes closed or never, but roads never cease to surprise you. You could find that the place you left bumps is now flat but with a bridge built over or some car has stalled or it’s raining heavily and you can’t see clearly. You have to be quite alert at al times while driving, a small mistake could cost you your life or someone else’s life.

So while driving since I diverted from the main story, we missed a turn-in O_O, oh and the mister has never been so frustrated. The ‘why didn’t you tell me earlier of the turning, now we have to go back so far, we need to be alert to avoid missing this turns’. I won’t lie, I was also getting devastated. Not because we’d even missed the turn but because I was worried that he’s too worried about that situation. In my mind (a lot goes in there), there was nothing wrong with that, we were definitely going to get another turning. I was pretty sure the next turning wouldn’t be so far off. Did I make myself look like the good one here? …lol well, not always, I have my negatives. But this time, I was like ‘am sure there’s another turning not so far off, because how did the guys living on the opposite side of the highway get to their homes?’. Then true to the word, there was another turning that got us to the opposite side, to the road that would get us home. Then everything was al-right once again. Despite the wrong turn or rather missing the turn, we got another one that got us right back on track.

Then it got me thinking about life. Sometimes we miss our turn in’s or exits. It could be because we don’t know the road we’re travelling in, it’s a new one and we’ve got to learn it first. We don’t always get it right the first time. For example, for a person who’s just graduated from the University and you’re starting your career. It’s not an easy one, but we all stared there, trust me. It’s like a new road, you know where you want to go, but you need to learn where the turns and exits are, the bumps, the zebra crossing. It’s crazy, it’s scary but the thrill of chasing your dreams is what keeps you going. You could have been on that road for ages and one day, something changes on it, it could be a short cut to home, or a stalled truck, or new bridge…it could be anything. If you are not alert, it could cause you harm or you could lose out on it. If you’re alert it could be a good one for you. For instance you could be in your career for a long time, but one day, you get an opportunity to change your career, life maybe. If you weren’t alert, it fly’s past you and you remain as you were. If you were alert, you get it and it helps you get out of your current situation, it could be to make it better or to evade a problem.

Like vehicles on roads, life is something we can’t avoid. We have to be active in it and find our own special ways of manoeuvring through it despite the different hurdles we have to go through. It could be other vehicles around you competing with you, overtaking, a stalled vehicle, the bumps, the zebra crossing or even the weather (it’s going to be sunny, rainy, foggy, snowy, slippery). But the bottom line is we have to keep moving regardless of the situation to get to our destination.

road, life
“Life is like a road. It has bumps, cracks and obstacles, but in the end, it gets you somewhere.” ~ Unknown

In other news, I hope you are having a fab week? Mine’s, well kind of crazy but also full of interesting surprises, that make me want to jump up and down with excitement, but the crazy bit has kept me rooted…lol. I’m just praying that all the things I’ve been working on both in my personal and professional life bring me prosperity in one way or another. Oh not to forget that May is the month of extraordinary giving. The one thing I learnt this Sunday at church is that many of use don’t know how to receive (stop thinking of goodies only). Me being first in line. When someone gives, even God, we should receive and say thank you. Most of us actually say no, shy away or question it. True or False?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*