Like You? Would You?


Has this ever crossed your mind -> What if you were told to go on a date with yourself? Do you think you would like you? Would you enjoy your company or would you feel like forcing a fork down your throat because of how bored you’ll get. Maybe it’s about time you experienced what your friends have to go through *evil grin*

Test it and see how that goes. You know the full cuppa hot chocolate since I’m not a tea fan, with cookies and an imaginary you. Okay, that sounds cray but hey how else will you do it. It’s not every day that people are going to be there for you, you know the ones that you think that will always be there. I mean they also have their stuff going on.

So you should be able to be there for yourself and not pity yourself when people those people you count on are not there? For whatever reasons you have to learn this things the hard way, pretty sure it’s happened to you one time or another. It’s happened to me a dozen of times. The times you expect people to be there it could be on your birthday, when you’re going through ish or you’re just happy and you want to share … they could also be all up in their business too and guess who’s left to be there for you? YOU.

You have to find the joy inside of yourself. Make your self laugh, dress up, be able to just chill out, reflect, be in touch with yourself, know how to love you. Basically be there for yourself. For only then, will you be able to know how to be there for others and it’s importance. Difficult as it seems, yes it is, it’s much fun or so it seems when you have someone or people there to help you out, to chill with, have a good laugh with but what if they are not there. Sulk? Be sad? No! Be happy and go on as usual!

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” ~  Lucille Ball

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*