Living Within Your Means.

Sometimes I get what I write from people’s discussions, or what people say. So that’s where I came up with this title. It got me thinking “Do we live within our means” and yes it has to do with finances well not entirely because I can’t let it out like a financial advisor as finance and I are not related in any way…lol,but at least I can handle my money. So this is something totally unrelated.

Let me give a few scenarios first.

Ever gone out with a couple of your friends and you have to pay their bills, having not invited them in the first place, or having not discussed who is to pay, but because on the table you are the one who is doing well off, they all look at you with expecting eyes. And in your head you were probably thinking it’s dutch “where you pay for what you take”.

Your friend asks you to suggest a place where you want to meet up and have dinner or lunch and you go all wild #Intercontinental #Hilton

Someone kind enough says they would like to get you a gift i.e clothes or a pair of shoes and they ask you so where do you buy them and what do you like, and at that time you pull designer names…eerrrr!

You go out to a club…party all night and expect someone to drop you home. or say you stay out late and assume that the person who you are with will take you home – ask them!

Those being just but a few, but out of observation, many people including me tend to do this.  It doesn’t make you a user or anything. Just that you use the people resources around you for your own benefit without noticing that they are not okay with it.

I thought “Living beyond your means” will fit in well with this because it suggests independence. Whereby you can afford to do the exact thing you want the other person to do for you when you are left alone.

And hence the reason I like,

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day..
Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life..

Just as it is, give someone today and the next time help them better themselves by teaching them or guiding them so that next time they can take care of themselves, eliminate over-reliances #notcool

By this I mean:

If you go to a club and order drinks and food, you should be in a place to pay the bill in case the person you expected to pay pulls a disappearing act.

If someone asks you to suggest a place you want to do lunch or dinner, suggest a place you are used to going or a place that you are sure in case he wallet isn’t packed with notes you can afford to pay. I mean some places are quite nice and affordable.

If someone asks you what gift you want, be considerate, don’t go all outrageous. If you buy Mr.Price don’t say wool worths unless they say Mr.Price is too cheap.

If you go out, don’t expect someone to drop you home,have your car or have cab money or do public transport “matatu” unless they offer to putting in mind that it is not their obligation to unless they’ve dragged you there #justsaying

Don’t get me wrong am not saying stoop low for anyone, go for the good things in life but not under someones else’s expenses. Unless they offer which in that case you shouldn’t be too proud to refuse. I love offers to places i’ve never been and if a friend decides to treat me to those places, am all smiles and in agreement…lol

And if someone offers something that makes you happy, Go for it #Wisely though..hehe

Personally, there’s nothing I love like being independent to make my own choices not based on others contributions, if I can’t afford, I’m proud that I can’t and I work out my ways to be able to get it,  if it means saving for a few months, working extra, I’ll do that. It prevents you from getting stranded i.e if someone backs out or owing someone (meaning because someone has contributed something you feel like you owe them something in return not necessarily monetary.)

My Quote of the day would be:

“There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

Random Question from a quote I saw somewhere.

What is better?

A {Lie} that draws a smile or The {Truth} that draws a tear  #confused

Think I would opt for the truth, because eventually it comes out as much as it would make me cry. I get over and done with it.

Signing Off — *Kawi*