Losing Streak.

Oh well, brilliant me joined a competition… Hmm! Not being the best marketer of my work can clearly be seen by my losing streak on the votes. I mean, I have like 21 votes while there’s someone with 321 votes  YIKES!!!

These are the times you feel like pulling out of the competition, or just hiding under the table or maybe not because you can’t. Now that no one’s voting for me, I might just get a vote for Biggest Looser  *bulb light*

Welcome to the Kenya Blog Contest

Well, I don’t know why I entered in the 1st place. I’ve always been the person to avoid anything called competition especially if it your winning is dependent on other people voting for you. Hence the reason I would never even think of doing something like Project Fame, Idols (well, seeing as I can’t sing, maybe only to save my life) or Big Brother. I prefer things where the winning is independent of the the voting system. Where a few people rate your work and decide whether it’s the best or not and perhaps that’s why school works best for me.

Is there a fear of competition phobia?  *Compephobia*…lol, I think I actually have that.

Every cloud has a silver lining. You know that blessing in disguise. Yeah, I kinda got more people actually reading what I have to share. So in that sense, the competition, besides me loosing miserably ain’t a bad thing after all.

Okay am laughing as I write this *okay , giggling, nah smiling* because I just wrote about me losing, but hey you gotta be proud of yourself. So now I have concluded,

I would qualify to be the JUDGE 🙂 in competitions.

Maybe I was actually cut out to be a judge and not the contestant. Anyway, thank you  eGichomo for the whole Blog Contest idea, it’s quite something.


“You can’t always be a winner, sometimes you have to lose to become something great.”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*