Mind in the Gutter.

I couldn’t have been with you so long and you just slip off like that, I mean, surely that’s so unfair. So tender so young I started out with you. I think I was 17 clearly seeing I was even underage, You took advantage of the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted in life, my direction, my desires, my interests. I was totally green and naïve to the world. Okay, I brought myself to you, but instead of denying me of the chance and giving me excuses like you’re too young, or in experienced like everyone else would do, you whole-heartedly took me in. Our relationship went through up and downs thick and thin.

But we maneuvered through it. At some point I hated what you were doing to me, I was even wondering why am with you in the first place. You know the kind of parasitic feeling whereby am the host being chewed on by you, the parasite. Well, I never thought of leaving because I am a persevering person#ithink and I apparently work well under pressure, ok truth be told, I wanted to run away from you, because I was feeling like you’re not giving me enough, I did not know what I wanted with you. It’s like you were using me, not cool. You gave me so much pressure and made me anti social at some point, gave me sleepless nights, sometimes I would even forget to eat because of the stress you were giving me.

You know how someone would know what they really like about whatever they are having a relationship with. In this case, I could not specify what it is exactly I liked about you, yeah, I had you and everyone else saw like our relationship is a budding one. It was great in the outside. But in the inside I was clueless. Maybe I was just too young and inexperienced for sure. Everyone else seemed to be alright and in touch in their relationships. But as usual I try avoiding comparisons you never know.

Anyhow, from this relationship I learnt a whole lot. It made me grow in places I never thought I would grow, it made realize things I never thought will come to my realization. It made me who I am today. It opened my mind and gave me ideas. It taught me to be curious, inquisitive and exploring.

You allow us to have an open relationship, like you allowed me to see others and try them out without feeling jealous. I ogled at them and told you straight to your face and you were still faithful to me. You allow me to use ou with others and you’re still my main one. You’re very generous.

You’ve tolerated me for five years now, and still want to be with me, but I’m the one slipping away. I have now realized that, and you are just the other best thing to happen to me. So me and you till the end, thanks for the open relationship.

My relationship with INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is now supposed to get back on track , I am starting to embrace it and I want to give back what  it has taught me all this years and how well it’s treated me. Well, PROJECT MANAGEMENT is my side kick 😉 !

Signing off — *Kawi*