Mind Play

How true is this?

When I saw this ↑ the first thing I thought was, “Johnny Depp O_O” and after that, whatever he says definitely had to be something interesting … So much for being very gullible. Then I thought, how many times I’ve done this. It’s like there are people we are so fast to question their intelligence, then there others even when they say something lame, it’s alright, they probably even look more cool.

“No one ever questions your intelligence when you’re an actor” ~ George Clooney

This guys get away with so much. I figured of late that Tv series that totally made me laugh to rib aches (considering that I had a sprained muscle sprain, this wasn’t doing me any good) can be intelligently lame and they totally get me. Now we know what I’d been up to the better part of my leave. From ‘happy ending’, ‘raising hope’, ‘new girl’, ‘modern family’, ‘community’. Oh, they’re just hilarious and at no point do we sit and think that was stupid, if anything they make you relaxed and want to continue to the next episode, then  the next and before you know it time has just passed, and you don’t regret any bit of indulging.

In case you wondered where my bio on twitter and facebook came from, this must’ve been the sole reason.

✩Kawiria is the blonde, Mercy is the genius and they come out at different times.

It was to justify my lame or better yet blonde moments, so that you don’t question my intelligence. To say the least I am very intelligent but I don’t say…lol, I just tend to be comical. I mean the blonde bit makes you have something to laugh about…yes!

Now, my goal is to be that person Johnny Depp is talking about. You know the kind where, once you see my pic and my name just below it, then what I’m trying to say is automatically deemed intelligent, no matter how lame it sounds. Can you even imagine some guys saying something that doesn’t make sense even when they are actually saying something that doesn’t make sense? No. I know you know those guys you put on a pedestal. I have quite a couple, some who I’ve met, others I hope to meet, then there are others who I know I’ll never meet e.g. Marylin Monroe, Einstein and the likes.

Most of the quotes you see around are the things we say and think every so often, they are just from ordinary men and women like you and me that just took that extra step. That step that makes your life influential to others so that they can relate to your sayings and thoughts. And at that point, very few will question your intelligence (which when it comes to worldly matters, I think it’s kind of overrated). Plus, none of those quotes are brought fourth in facts and figures, it’s just a mere statement that came up in your subconscious to help you answer something that has been troubling your (or another persons) thoughts…yes!

At least there’s someone who shares my school of thought. Much better than the phrase, “it’s never that serious”. Goes more like if you want to explain something for it to make intellectual sense to most, then it should be put out in such a way that a 7 year old can get it.

Pretty sure many of you are happy that Jan-worry is coming to an end and I came into the world on the 1st day of February when y’all have probably gotten your paychecks 🙂 Blessed week!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*