Mojo Jojo’ing.

I’m having one of those bleh days…wololo! Not so good. I’m supposed to be excited about nothing in particular, I always am. But now I’m having that crashed feeling like someone just put me in a blender and squeezed all the juice from me. Okay, I’m looking for ways to get my mojo back like looking for a good song, which I’m not getting. They are either too mush mush, too slow, too fast, boring. Yes, my playlist is on shuffle and I am forwarding all the songs looking for that one…lol

I know it’s not a Kawi’s special feeling, I bet we all have one of those. The one’s that you what you would love is to just have friends around and talk about anything so that you can find yourself randomly laughing or smiling because when you’re alone at that particular time you don’t much to smile about. I was even feigning myself a smile in the morning while looking at the mirror, like smile woman, smile now. Maybe it’s the weather, it’s too dull or maybe it’s the clothes I’ve worn, the colors are too earthy. Anyway, I don’t know. Sure I’ll be back to normal transmission in no time. Maybe I’ll find that song or get those people to derail me into laughing … something needs to happen sooner than later.

Beside’s that looking forward to the weekend. I’ll say everything in a random way, plus considering today’s T.G.I.F falls on a 13th let me do it differently.

  • I have a Kid’s party to go to, who knew I’ll be invited for one. What are 5 year old kids into nowadays? I’m sure the Ben10 phase has passed…no?
  • Nkirdizzle is coming over on Sunday and I don’t know what to cook for her. Maybe I’ll do my magic meal, the one that gets someone uuuu’ing and aaah’ing at my cooking skills.
  • Grapes are my new snack. If that’s what people in the stone age used to feed on, then no wonder they never used to complain. But how expensive are those tiny fruits.
  • “All men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create their idea of a masterpiece.” ~ Eddie Murphy
  • Just ate Ugali, sukuma wiki and beef for lunch *YAWN* the tortures we take ourselves through.
  • I should now start looking for the kind of car I want, the costs and what not. Talk of ambition.
  • I thank God for basically everything and everyone in my life. Life is never that easy and for me to have it flowing fine regardless of those little bumps, hiccups and potholes that come along. I really cannot complain about anything, and for that I am more than grateful.
  • In case you ever wonder who friends are and what they are meant to be. I found this to be a good description of them: A friend is one who walks in when others walk out. One who is there for you when they’d rather be anywhere else.
  • When you were a kid, you really wanted to grow up not really knowing what growing up entails. Until you get there and you’re like O_O raw deal this is. What do you do with raw deals? You’ve got to ripen it up and that’s why when you’re grown up you have to work your ass off so that you can achieve those things you had on your wish list.
  • There are two kinds of people. Geeks and Non-Geeks. And they should be paired, because I think the geeks would have a field day every single day. If you think Ice cream Sandwich is a dessert, go \_ there, you’re a non-geek. If you know that it’s an Android O.S stand there, you’re a geek. What next? Mingle? We need to spread this knowledge maen!



Back to searching for my mojo? There’s a reward pegged to it if you find it for me. All the best to me…lol

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

  • Amy

    Hi sweetie, I am sorry your mojo is missing, 😛 no pun intended. But I hope it will find the way back to you soon. To make you feel better (? lol), I am having one of those days as well. I think it has started sometime early this week. No idea. One of my wild guess, it could be because of the inbalance in nature causing the changes in you. What I think is, if the energy flow is not in harmony (give overweights take and vice versa), it can show in our experiences.

    Secondly, it could be what happens within you that causes the unpleasant feeling. It might be blockages, built-up feelings, etc, or sometimes it is the void.

    Last but not least, it can be this time of the month, if you know what i mean. lol.

    But yes, I am feeling the same these days. And the be honest, I hate it when it happens. It makes me to detached and empty, but as the same time, kinda irritated and annoyed. It just seems like I function in a different mode.

    You know what, I will read some of your old writing. Seriously, you do have a kick-ass collection which I believe will bring up the mood. The lack of energy we are having due to all reasons and respect can be altered with some practice :P. As you said, hanging out with friends and talking about anything can be one option. Another option is laugh loudly, it frees the mind.

    • Hey Amy, good to hear from you, so true what you’ve said there especially the “if you know what I mean” lol, actually it’s just all, like a little bit of everything. Yeah I got a friend to derail me and actually had a couple of talks and laughs that made me totally forget how I was feeling, days you need such.

  • …I take my seat humbly in the non-geek corner but fuming while at it – who gave the geeks permission to name an O.S, Ice cream Sandwich????
    I am about to do a HAKI YANGU in the corridors of justice – Ice cream Sandwich? R.E.A.L.L.Y???

    Me thinks your mojo came back when you wrote bout the geeks and non-geeks though…

    • LOL B, you’ve killed me. That’s just about how I was when my colleague laughed at me after my reaction. Who does that, apparently there’s also cup cake and what not. So in case you hear someone talking about desserts, think technical before food. Life is tough haha.