Mondy: Friday Feels – 3

Because we Thank God It's Friday!

I’m wondering

Why my cousin stands me up ALL the damn time. We were meant to meet today and I just KNEW that I’d get that “I’m sorry” text. So over her. I consider myself an interesting person to hang out with (that is, when I’m in the mood for humans) and right now she’s giving me some serious self esteem issues. Lame.


I’m feeling

Like I’m about to catch a serious flu. Bleh.


I’m excited

About going back to school! It’s been a while and I think I’m ready for it! 🙂


I’m looking forward to

Seeing my niece again! She is honestly the CUTEST little human being alive. I kid you not.


I’m listening to

Don’t Let Go – En Vogue


I’m watching

The Over 25 YouTube channel! Liking their vibe and energy and I love that they are so real! Check them out guys!



Scrolling through my Pinterest feed.. I LOVE Pinterest. It’s honestly the best way to organize all your wants and desires for your life. It’s basically your online mood board and the best part is that you can choose whether you want your boards to be public or private. Highly recommend it! You can check out my page on the link below:


I’m wishing/hoping for

The roads to be traffic-free forever! It takes me 5 minutes to get to work these days guys! FIVE minutes!



Pizza. Pizza. Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying for

Clarity in a lot of things where my life is concerned.


Quote I’m feeling this week