Musings of the First Friday *Favorite Month*

Oh my it’s September already! That was fast but I’m not complaining. August was one hell-of-a-crazy month, especially the middle part of it. I think it’s now that I actually realized that being alone can be quite depressing sometimes.

I’m the kind of person who likes to share irrelevant things … talk about anything that’s worth talking about. So every time I go home and something lame has happened to me like I have attended the wrong finance class TWICE or work is just too much and school is another thing all together, I have a flu or I’m feeling stressed about *I don’t know*, maybe there’s this someone I like … you know, that kind of stuff.

And there’s no one to blubber all this too. I think August is the time I missed my family the most since I moved out. I really miss living at home, the nagging, the questions, the being babied when I’m “sick” and all. In as much as my folks used to irritate me with all the questions about school, work, life and so on every time I get home … now is when I appreciate and really miss all that. I would now find myself being the one to call them, to voluntarily tell them what’s going on … because they are the one of the few people, if not the only ones who are interested in all these things that may seem irrelevant but in one way or another they are so relevant and need to be shared.

Considering I don’t have so much time on my hands with work all day and school in the evening … depression at the end of the day, no people to talk to or ask me what’s going on, besides the phone call in which you can’t exhaust everything. I thought I was used to all this stuff. Living alone is fun, the freedom, self-responsibility … but it can get pretty lonely! And you start adapting to the loneliness, which is not a cool thing. TV and movies become your best friends, which is so unlike me … bad bad bad!

Now since August is over you know one of those months that you would want to get over and done with *switches back to my normal self*. I think such stuff happens so that you can know yourself better and not let some circumstances change who you are, because who you are is amazing. I had a whole week of pouting and complaining about everything … and that’s definitely very unlike me, but glad I figured what was going on.

Anyhow, today happens to be the first Friday of the month. And I like September and September babies … I have no idea why? and don’t even ask me why, but one of my besties in campus is a September baby and she made life in campus so much fun with no drama … lol I remember she used to tell me, there’s no for catching feeling when someone does something,  it’s never that serious … then now she’s disappeared, now that I’ve remembered *rushes to gtalk*… but it’s definitely bound to be a good month.

Random Thought

I’ve always said I like September babies for the longest time and I find July babies cool and now I wonder if there’s someone who thinks February babies are awesome … haha that was for lack of a random thought…ok, it’s really random *marco polo*

I’m Feeling

So good, so awesome, so bubbly … so contagious tihihi! I could be the best company right about now.

This weekend

My friends baby’s birthday party then after that I’m loose like a goose *does the goose dance* , then I should go home and ask my baby sister why she told me I’m becoming like my mum (is that a positive thing or a negative thing?) hmmmm, but girl has got to read and watch movies after finishing school *insert mums voice* ]:)

I’m thinking

Now that I can’t really can’t place a finger on what I’m craving … I’m thinking,

Song of the week

Neyo – One In a Million –> How we’re complicated maen! Her reaction at the end … lol. Would love to see the continuation or there already is?

I want and pray

I want September to be that great month for me.  My prayer goes to *drum rolls* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY FOLKS! 27yrs is not a short time, thanks for all the love and the values you’ve taught us. You’ve made our life’s more than beautiful and all I ask God is to bless you with all the happiness, peace, strength, wisdom and most of all, all the love you need, because we’ll definitely be needing so much of that from you … as usual 🙂


This is kinda stupid but … hehe

Have an amazing weekend, full of laughter and loads of fun. Take care and keep safe!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*