Aspire Fitness: My First Workout Experience.

I vividly recall my first workout because I consciously made an effort to wake up a little earlier so that I could spare 30 mins to work out before jumping into shower and dressing up for work. Considering my strong tendency to snooze, that day, I convinced myself otherwise. It was a Shaun T 25 minute insanity work out, which I got to know about through my friends online. And you now as with anything that’s discussed online, you’re sometimes influenced to actually try it out.

So I went ahead and got the DVD guide from YE, and as I was slotting it into the DVD player, I was already umped and ready to get down. Shaun T is quite energetic, so of course I started out on a high, but 3 minutes into it and I was completely finished. So I just sat there and watched the remaining 22 minutes. Who was I kidding, those planks were for death, and they were smiling through it. The one thing I appreciated though, was how his work out buddies looked while they were at it – yummy! I mean well-toned! That was the first and last time I played the DVD.

I just felt it was never that serious, that I didn’t have to experience such self-inflicted pain. Then a couple of months after, I met Sam of Aspire Fitness and he told me a little about his studio and how they do personal training – the 1st thing that crossed my mind was Shaun T. I actually wondered whether I can endure another few minutes of a full work out and what kind of torture that would be. The planks, plunges, push-ups, burpees, oh my! It didn’t help that I had never been to a gym-like set up before.

Aspire Fitness

Well as the story goes, I was convinced enough to give the workout a try. My day one at Aspire Fitness wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. I had this wild idea that I will be crawling out of there. Thankfully, it was just a fitness test day. This is where they collect some data about me seeking to find out what my goals of this workout are, what my expectations are, whether I had ever done it before, and whether I have any health conditions that required any attention. Then comes the actual fitness test, so that the trainer can set the pace for my fitness journey. From skipping to get your blood boiling, to push ups, squats and stretches – how many of each can you do in a minute or 3? At least it meant that we’re working progressively and based on what I can handle.

I figure that when you’re working out, a minute feels like an hour. Just when you think you’ve hit a minute the trainer, pulls a 5 more to go O_O. I’m still surviving, and the experience is definitely worth it. I believe what has kept me going is how we started out. I’ll tell you how the next real session at the studio went – where my legs almost gave in and I could barely lift my arms.

What was your first ever workout experience like? Did you give up or go on?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*