My Fun Facts

Seeing as this is the one place where I can choose which name to go by, I suggest Kawiria. Kind of makes me feel in touch with my African culture and rolls well on the tongue. Plus it’s my middle name that means to “to make happy”, which I hope I live by. I’m an Aquarian, born on the 1st of February. I overheard somewhere February kids are creative, awesome and full of energy and I begin it, goes without saying. Oh, I share the same birthday with the mister (strangely cute huh!). We are two such different beings born on the same day but different years, it’s amazing.

I’m also the 1st born of 2, my sister, Clara, being the baby of the house, who also got the nice English name. While mine sounded like they were saying “Lord have Mercy”, and Bam! There goes the name…lol. I’m Daddy’s girl and Mum’s bestie. So we know there’s a lot of love in the air. I’m basically thee lover girl. I’m of the school of thought that love would be the solution to so many problems in the world.

Generally, I’m that simple, ordinary girl next door with extraordinary capabilities, some tapped, others untapped. Great in the telling but sensitive in scope. I call myself a non-technical techie, blessed with the ability to be a genius and a blondie in given circumstances. God needed to create balance in the world.

I love socializing on all levels, I could basically talk about anything. Yeah, even things I don’t really know about. That’s how I know most of the things I do anyway, through participating in conversations, reading and sharing and so on. Blogging came as a by the way, and then it turned out to be me my way of life. I somehow find myself expressing what I feel (you know those uncompounded and unstructured thoughts) better in writing, then I can go all out without someone interjecting.

Plus there are somethings that happen that just totally amaze me, it could be the smallest of things. I’m the good definition of the metaphor “open a can of worms” sometimes it rubs me the wrong way, sometimes it works well with me. I read, hear, see and experience a lot which makes me think a lot. As a result, I always have a bucketful of thoughts to share based on that. That’s how Kawi Snippets was born, earlier known as Stupendous Tidbits.

My unpackaged dream is to inspire through my life lessons, or life lessons learnt through others and put them into perspective. I may not be the most exposed or experienced person on earth, but I believe that there’s a reason for my existence don’t we all. Also, if interested in working together, let’s collaborate.


Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*