Natural Hair Chit Chat: Product Junkie and Facepalm Moments.

I’m a self-confessed hair product junkie. I say it lightheartedly but it’s a ridiculous and somewhat expensive habit. I like trying out the different natural hair products on the shelves, even when I don’t necessarily need them. Especially those I come across while doing my rounds online or when you meet a friend and their hair is on fleek. And when you ask them what they used they give you a narrative of products. I usually just master one – the one they over describe. There’s always that one product that one swears by.

As you would know with Natural Hair, it’s not the easiest to manage or even maintain, but when you do, it’s fulfilling. When you have that steel wool like hair and you can somehow finger detangle it, wash it and go, plait it, style it – you feel like you’ve done something quite monumental. Even if I’m a product junkie and I have tried out a couple of products (and ingredients) it didn’t mean that all of them worked. I’ve had to observe and master what does and what doesn’t – like Gel is not my friend, even though I still stock it for just in case. Let me entertain you with my some serious natural hair care – facepalm moments.

Natuural Hair, Unconditioned Roots

After reading how eggs are good protein for your hair, I decided that I should try it out. And so I cracked it open, mixed it up in a bowl with some mashed avocado & conditioner to make a treatment. It stayed on my head covered with a shower cap for almost half a day. Then I got into the shower to wash it off. While in the shower, I swear I felt like my hair had even grown an inch longer. It felt so soft, clean and even healthier – because eggs and Avo. But the feeling didn’t last long because when I stepped out of the shower, the mirror showed different results. I had small chunks of white all over my hair. I think the egg had cooked as I washed my hair since I shower under warm tending to hot water. And getting those chunks off was the least amusing activity. Take 1.

The other one was the Aloe Vera juice one. Still after reading in another instance how an Aloe Vera rinse might be good for your hair and scalp, I decided why not? And because we had some Aloe Vera juice in the house, I went ahead and put some Aloe Vera juice in a jug, diluted it with water and after the usual wash and deep condition session, I did the final rinse with the Aloe Vera juice and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV, which is usually part of my wash regimen). As usual the same feeling overcame me – the one where you just feel like you did something spectacular to your hair and it has magically transformed – but the mirror, that mirror is the truth. I come out and my hair is full of fiber from the juice. And I had to spend the next few minutes cursing and combing them out and eventually calling it quits on such experiments. Take 2, once bittern twice shy. I stick with my ACV.

Now with the products, when I first started out as you can see, it used to be very frustrating because you’ll see a product or combination of ingredients that has been reviewed and someone says it’s just the one to use. However, when you try it, it’s a different story and the results are an instant fail. Sometimes it works the first time but when you use it over and over, it’s a “Nah-ah! Definitely not working.” That’s what happens and over time I found myself with so many products that were barely used.

Until I figured out that the problem was not the products or ingredients, it was the user. For some of the products, I didn’t take time to figure out how to use them properly – take the eggs, the Aloe Vera, the Gels. And so if on the first use if it let me down, I just never bothered to find out what I was doing wrong, hence no second chance. After this realization, I went back to my hair products in my closet and decided that I’ll research a little more (read watch YouTube videos) on how to use what I have – whether it’s when the hair is wet, dry, or before or while twisting your hair, while styling your hair.

Natuural Hair, Unconditioned Roots, Natural Hair Products

So here are just some of the products I continue to use, another that I had to dust off the caps and another that I just added to my collection.

Cantu Shea Butter – Leave-In Conditioning and Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream.

I received them as a hand-me-down from one of my bosses because it just didn’t work well on her hair, and she thought it would work on mine. I never say no to such. I knew it was a good product from the reviews, I just didn’t know how to use them. And so they sat there and gathered dust. Until one day, I randomly came across a styling video where the hair blogger was using the same products.

How I use them: After washing, conditioning (deep or light), lightly towel drying and oiling my scalp – I use the Cantu Shea Butter products (together) to twist my hair. So I just part my hair, and apply on the part and twist it. It softens the hair strands and helps define the curls, which naturally are a bit hard to form since 4C hair. Oh! 4C is the kinks of kinks, it’s just true black hair.

Ideal Castor Oil and Doo Gro – Stimulating Growth Oil

I have seen a million and one Natural Hair Castor Oil challenges and I hear that it helps in stimulating your hair follicles. And since my hair goal is to grow it long and at the same time maintain a healthy mane – I use it for my edges. And because it’s too thick and sometimes I feel like it makes my hair get dirty fast, I use the Doo Gro oil for the rest of the scalp.

Marini Naturals – Sulphate Free Shampoo – with Tea Tree Oil and Sweet Orange Extract

I got this one the other day, because well, everyone on my timeline was on about it. With all the excitement after purchasing, I went and used it immediately. It smells heavenly, their products generally do. What surprised me though is that it doesn’t foam. Yet for me, shampoo = foam. So I end up using loads of it, it’s in liquid form – and after, I’m still not sure if my hair is clean enough or if it’s actually working. I think this is just native in me, but let’s see if I’ll get used to it. I bet that’s what being Sulphate Free entails, no? As an alternative, I use Suave Naturals  ‘Human Moisture’ Shampoo – when I need to see the foam, but it leaves the hair and scalp clean and not too dry.

Suave Naturals – Human Moisture – Conditioner

I swear by this product since I started using on day 1. After shampooing my hair, and then I put on a little of this and massage it, my hair feels so soft and even after rinsing it, it still retains the moisture and the softness. It makes it easy for me when I am parting it and twisting it. Also, it’s an  affordable conditioner for the good work it does – goes at either 295/- or 310/- at Nakumatt.

What are your current go to products? Or what products did you stop using because they didn’t work well with your hair but then you figured how it works and now it’s your go to product? Also, do you have any facepalm moments in your hair journey? No shame.

Happy Hump Day fellow Snipper.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*