Never Meant To Be.

There’s something called ‘accepting and moving on swiftly’. Yes, sometimes you have to create motto’s for yourself to abide by or you’ll forever be caught in situations that leave your heart frustrated but in essence they are completely out of your control. There’s just nothing you can do, if it’s not meant to be, it’s just not meant to be. There’s no better way to sugar coat it.


Think of it like we are puppets and there’s the puppeteer. Up there the puppeteer manipulates the objects with the bars and strings. Then for this two objects (the puppets), there’s that one bar that totally keeps the them apart so no matter what they do to come together, the efforts are futile. Oh tell me you have not experienced this and you must either be a lucky one or there’s something wrong somewhere.

You know how you meet someone and you hit it off from the beginning. Much to talk about, much in common and all those mush things. I mean, you even end up really liking the person and get ideas. But there’s a problem, in as much all this looks and feels amazing there’s something missing. Well, I don’t know what because at that particular time, you’re thinking it’s something that could actually work out. At the same time, there’s that one thing or two that as small as they seem makes you think nah, let’s give it time and see.

As you give it time and try to work against those odds of being together, you just don’t seem to understand each other at a certain point. It just doesn’t work out because there’s always something going wrong, someone trying too hard, it could be from one side or from both. It’s like the puppeteer is trying to give you signs but you’re trying your best to ignore them. The more you try to be together, the more apart you get for some strange reason. Yes, it’s that bar not the place, but the object that’s keeping you apart. Maybe nothing about you is actually compatible like you thought. You’re just working with feelings and the bar is acting as the middle man trying to prevent you from getting yourself into trouble, from heart aches and other related issues.

I know right, that’s how it makes sense best. Sometimes you just need to obey nature. If it clearly shows you something won’t work and your gut feeling to some extent tells you the same, as difficult as it may seem, listen and obey. I mean even magnets don’t attract everything you know, if anything ” like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other”. Thank God for the options of friends, that’s one of the ways you get friend zoned. Plus I don’t think it’s malice or anything, friendship is a good thing and you know as a person, you can’t be emotionally attached to everyone, it’s only reserved for one person really. So as you can see, the friend zone is not such a bad zone after all. At least you’re indirectly or directly involved in someones life anyway.

The problem with people is when they take this the wrong way and you become enemies, which in my case doesn’t cut it, actually, I would find that lame. If your live by certain codes then ‘it’s never that serious’ does really make a lot of sense. If it’s not working out, just be a normal friends and lead a normal life…the phrase ‘it’s easier said than done’, doesn’t work here because it’s actually easier said and done as well. Did you know keeping enemies is a task all together? It’s actually much easier to keep a friend than to keep an enemy, because with enemies you have to pretend so much. No talking, no smiling, no jokes, no laughter, loads of tension…yikes too much! It’s never that serious.

Oi it’s mid week … a few days to Friday, keep strong! Have a productive week and strive to do something awesome, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*