New Favorite Month *November*

Yes, November is my now new favorite month. I just discovered my awkward, most unexpected firsts happened in November. I make it sound like it’s a list, but they are just very few. Okay it’s just two, don’t get too excited. And I will say at least three special things I’ve learnt from them.

Moving Out

Who would’ve ever thought, at least I didn’t. Let me let you in on my thoughts when I was living with my folks. I used to think that I will be whisked off their house by my prince charming and into ‘our’ house (I blame all those cartoons and Disney movies). I never thought I will pay rent for myself, think about what I’m going to eat for supper or when I’ll get my house and laundry cleaned up, fill it up or not have to ask for permission or alert them that I’m going out.

Then the unexpected or rather “not thought of” expected came and my parents were moving to their house a bit too far from town. Guess who had to look for house…clueless about it. (This would make an awesome series by the way…LOL). The whole process was just … for lack of a better word, new! Described here.  The 3 things that I’ve learnt in that one year from this experience:


How to be able to rely and fend for myself. Of course no one wants to go back running to mum and dad every other time, I wouldn’t want to. This was a chance to show them that this little girl they brought up has got it and their efforts never went to waste.


Home, Work, School, Fun … Life. This time round, you have your freedom, no one’s monitoring you, so you really have to be mature about it. Screw up one of them and you are fucked. disclaimer: that was a french word.


Yes, it comes with a tonne full of responsibilities;  from managing your finances, thinking about the future… it could be the near or far future, taking care of yourself. Let’s just say, you are on your own and you need to survive … while at it you still need your smile and laugh.


I started blogging 2years ago, at this particular time. I’m not so good with dates, except birthday days of people who would slaughter me if I forgot, point in case my baby sister. I have come so far, who thought I would ever write this much? I have discovered I ask this question a lot, but really, who would’ve thought? it’s supposed to come out as rhetorical though.

I can be a mouthful, I always have an opinion and try make it known — blonde or bright, the blog was a channel to just bring it out uninterrupted. And it’s worked wonders, it’s my therapy! So the few things I’ve learnt are:


Yes, this was a tough nut to crack. Blogging ain’t as easy as it looks, especially if you have many other things that bog you down by the end of the day. Thinking and putting down your thoughts becomes a challenge, but since I started, I might as well keep going. I have had that feeling, where I go to someones blog expecting something’s up and zilch…and I go back with a sad face. That right there, is my inspiration to be consistent for those guys who are my regulars *wink*

This is where I started trying to figure out what stupendoustidbits is about!


At least in my list of what I love doing, I can proudly add “Blogging” and I have something to show for it. How cool is that? When I was younger than I am, that is, I never knew what my talent was and when someone asked me, I would come up with something from the top of my head … like singing (note that I can’t really sing alone, only in a choir with supporting voices…lol). Then I grew up and now I can say something real or substantial.


I can say this and that … what I feel, what I don’t feel, what I’m thinking, what I’m attempting not to think. Basically, it is my medium, I can speak in parables and be me, from mind to fingers.

I would really love to try to do some “Do It Yourself” posts. Seen some and for some reason I now feel like going for some tailoring classes…lol

New things to come

I hope I will be talking bigger things in future, like; finished my masters, published a book, travelled across the world, got married blah blah blah. For now that’s it, getting to where I am today for me is one HUGE step. So I still want to grow into something way bigger and better.

Ya’ll can drink to all that … more like a toast to me yeah, sometimes I can be so full of myself. No? And that’s a few of the reasons why  November rocks already. Have an awesome new month and strive to do new challenging stuff.

Finally, from the guys who kept me entertained most of all my childhood. With all the cartoons, animations and movies … they helped develop my mind when I wasn’t busy playing with other kids —> Quote of the day courtesy of Walt Disney.

May this month be a blessing to you. All you have to do is just believe and do your thing to the best of your ability.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*