Of Roses and Love.

It’s about sharing, being selfless, forgiving and looking beyond our weaknesses and flaws. These are the few things that make us love less or even not like the day that gives the slightest hint of love. Love is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t mean because I say that it doesn’t have its downside. Oh, it does. Once you expose yourself to it, it’s like you’re lying in the middle of the road hoping no truck runs you down. Or handing out your heart to someone and hoping they handle it with care.

What are the chances are that a truck will run you down but there’s one that will notice that there’s something that’s making you do this, and they get off to find out what it is before taking figuring out what to do with you. What are the chances that they’ll squash your heart, because it either doesn’t fit into their hand well, or it fits well but at first they’ll have some trouble as they could squash your heart a little here and there not because they want to hurt you, but because they’re trying to figure out to handle it, then with time, they know how to handle it with the care it deserves.

Basically, love has it moments. When it’s so rosy, that all you can do is smell it and smile with the world because of how good it makes you feel. When it’s so thorny, that all it does is poke you and make you pout because of how sad it makes you feel.

Love endures it all. It’s in the beauty of the rose petals and the harshness of the thorns that makes a rose what is, a beautiful flower. It’s also through the feel-good moments and the pouting moments, that makes love what is, true love. So you could be smelling the roses or being poked by thorns, but as long as you have love, you’re doing it right. Also remember it’s all about sharing, being selfless, forgiving and looking beyond your flaws.

A rose doesn’t impact anyone unless its shared (given out), it’s not so much that it’s a rose but it’s what it make you feel when you receive it, you won’t see it’s beauty unless you forgive it for having thorns that could poke you and despite its color, shape, number of petals it remains a rose and that’s what people see.

Happy Valentine’s Day Fellas and Ladies! On that note, I got a surprise I wasn’t quite expecting … YUMMERS! Some Belgium Chocolates and delish cupcakes, man got game! I was totally caught off-guard. If I was to give him brownie points for this, he gets 25 points for catching me off-guard, considering he’s the anti-valentines day kind of guy I’m thinking yeah right…lol, am sure he went out of his usual way to make a girl happy, then 50 points for making me feel special.

Chocolate and Cupcakes

Lastly, 5 points for no roses, they give me the creeps. I can’t handle that attention the bouquet comes with, unless I don’t have to carry them around or we’re getting them for aesthetics. What do you think of this day by the way. Are you anti or pro Valentine’s Day? and of roses?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*