Of Special Moments

It’s so remarkable that when we look back at our lives, our most memorable and special moments, are never about the places we’ve been to, or how much money we spent on something, even when it seems so while we’re at it. It’s even never about us really, but more about the people we are with or people we meet while doing all these things. It’s about the moments we share with them, the time they spare to be with us and the time you spare to be with them. Whether to have a word with them, or make us feel some type of way.

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Special moments warrant a special message.

Nothing beats a special moment, especially when surrounded by the person(s) that mean the world to you. Even when it’s supposed to be all about you, like we always say, it’s also about the people around you and how you make them feel – because it becomes etched in their minds. The one thing that makes me absolutely happy, is being in an environment where people care about each other, love on each other, are open-minded, easy, but mostly, encourage and look out for each other. My special moments are made out of such. It’s usually the smallest and inexpensive things – it’s the actions or gestures. It’s about being there for someone, when they thought no one else will be there. It’s about telling someone something they needed to hear, just when they needed to hear it. It’s about knowing when to step in.

This thought was inspired by Steve Harvey’s family, when they decided to surprise him on his birthday by honoring him and sharing what they feel were the best moments with him. And as I listened on I thought about my own life, and what I feel were my most special moment or what others can say about me – say my dad, mum, sister, hubby-to-be and other people I’m close to. Then I figured, what we sometimes think are the most special moment, in most case aren’t. You could think it’s the one that made you “light up” or the one that made you have an “out of this world” feeling, or the one you spent most of your money on, or the one you had so much fun until you were “knackered”.

However, what’s strange is that when they say it to you, it’s a time or moment you can barely remember, the one that you least expected to be their best/special moment with you, because you were just doing the usual. But the usual was their unusual. And to them, it’s etched, in their hearts and in their memories.

What’s even better, is when a brand tries to do that? Coca Cola has done through the “Share a Coke” campaign, by giving you a coke bottle with your name on it – I found this “Thank You” video very heart-warming. But today, the message in the Dove chocolates wrap just made my day that I want to get more of them. Generic messages, but it totally gets you when you lest expect it – you even want to believe what’s in it. Like a horoscope. It’s the little things that make up special moments. Now, I just hope they’re locally available.

Have a fantastic weekend loves!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*