On Biting and Chewing

When I was a kid I was a pretty poor eater, believe it or not. As much as I love food right now still a slow eater though, the most dreaded times of the day must’ve been meal times. Sure enough it wasn’t the best time for our then house-help either, because it was a battle of wills. Her putting food into my mouth by force and me reluctantly swallowing it. Day in day out, that was meal time for us. Sometimes she would use some frightening tactics to get me to swallow the food in my mouth and take another bite. It was crazy I tell you, now that I think of it.

Sometimes, I would not swallow the food and the help would just add another spoon full over the one I had, so I would have swollen cheeks and trust me it used to get tiring, so I would just own up and swallow the food all together, plus it became tasteless anyway and spitting it was a crime. finishing the food in your plate was an unwritten house rule. I can bet for most kids it was…yah? That’s my story. Ha ha we’ve come from far you see.


Basically I was like this squirrel here, only difference is that mine wasn’t voluntary. But we’re not kids forever, thank God. I grew up and eating became more of a voluntary activity. I would know how much my body needs, how much can fit in my mouth, what I want and don’t want to eat and knowing what’s enough.

Anyhow, what got me thinking of this little childhood tale was a little phrase that I loosely use when I am trying to regulate myself. You know when you have so much yummy food in front of you and you just want to gobble it all up but you have to take a spoon at a time. Ever been in such a situation. Oh for the love of good food, a million times. Sometimes I just serve a huge portion out of pure greed, thinking that I will eat, eat and eat.

Then mid-eating, you get really full, really full that it becomes uncomfortable. The food eventually becomes boring and the thought of it gives you the eew’s and aahh’s, do I have to really eat any more? Ever wondered why they serves small portions in hotels? Now is when it makes sense. I wonder if this is their reason though or they’re cutting through the budget…lol

That’s what life exactly does to us. Sometimes it just presents us with a buffet of food and we’re supposed to serve our plate in portions that will help satisfy us at particular meal times (meal times being the different stages of our lives). There will always be food it’s for us to know how much we want to serve, what’s enough for us and so on. Life gives us so much that we want to just take it all up without even putting some thought into it.

It all looks so edible and like you just can’t get enough of it. So we start-up with so much energy, zeal. And although it’s quite exciting and motivating as we start off, its important to keep the energy level balanced so you don’t fade halfway through, or even earlier. Sometimes we do get greedy or too enthusiastic that we end up taking on more than we might actually be willing to handle. Then with time it starts becoming overwhelming, tiring and you lose the motivation you had when you were starting up. That’s what we call, ‘biting more than we can chew‘.

It’s necessary to know how much we have on our plate, how much we can handle and what where we are willing to say, “you know for now this is enough and I’ll take up the rest a bit later”. When we are handed over a plate in our lives, of course not the real plate, this could come in the form of an opportunity, a challenge, a situation. It is important to pace ourselves.

Look at the situation logically and set realistic goals for yourself. It’s tempting to just take everything at once and try to sort it out, but there is no need to overwhelm yourself with tasks just because the moment strikes.

Set your pace. Everyone is different. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. How you take up a challenge is different from how someone else will take it up. You can check out how you’ve worked on previous challenges, what worked and what didn’t. Learn from your past experiences. No one beats teacher Experience. He was actually crowned the best of all times, no one has replaced him yet.

You can psychoanalyse yourself by trying to find out if  you often get motivated and take on too much too soon just because you’re excited about the prospects? Look at it logically and intentionally cut those tasks in half. No one is going to be able to set your pace but yourself because everyone runs on different energy levels.

If you do get overwhelmed and feel yourself quickly fading, take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities. Set a pace that works for you. This will leave you feeling both accomplished and reserved at the end of the day. Lighten up on yourself. Sometimes we often set our sights too high, and in turn bite off more than we can chew. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, at least they didn’t say that they guy took a step and completed the a thousand miles at once, that would’ve been depressing. So it could be a slow move, but if it’s getting you somewhere, you’re definitely NOT doing it wrong.

Quote of the day

Find Your Calm … Bite off what you can chew and save the leftovers for another meal

—-> Felt like adding, it’s never that serious really. That unwritten rule that you have to finish the food on your plate. It comes a time when you don’t have to 🙂 it’s healthier to stop when you feel full, store the left overs well and take them up once the other food has been digested.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*