On Second Thoughts

Ummmm Oh no! And on ↓

Really like really really *cue soprano voice* I have come to the conclusion that second thoughts, must either be my best friend or my worst enemy, that just makes me doubt any decision that I make be it simple as simple as what’s 9+2 or difficult like … hahaha I don’t know what’s difficult really, it varies across various platforms.

I can’t seem to decide whether it’s a best friend or an enemy, but I can bet it’s my enemy! Because the best friend is supposed to be that person who will tell you, chic that decision you just made is stupidly lame, but you know what, just deal with it. Then an enemy will definitely give you advice is not in the best of your interest, anything to make you miserable and frustrated.

Do you ever have moments where you do something and you start thinking, maybe I shouldn’t have, maybe I should have done it the other way. For me second thoughts are like the good – bad angel, telling you do – don’t do, only that it comes too late after the first thought has already been executed.

Maybe it’s as a result of over-thinking things, if only I could do stuff and not really think of the impact and instead wait and see the outcome in reality and not as it is in thought, because then I see it from the worst case scenario. Let me give some examples then maybe we can relate.

Here goes:

You have made a decision on something it could be an exam or an interview, then  once you’ve made the move answered the questions and handed in your paper or finished with the interview, while you were at it, everything seemed correct and to be flowing, but once you get off it, you start thinking, wait a minute,what if I answered it like this instead or what if I used this instead of that … like seriously, second thought, damage has been done! Then you think how you’ll just fail but you get the results and you had ace’d it!


You’ve written a text to someone you like, and they take AGES to respond. And you start thinking, what if I said too much, what if they don’t like me as much as I like them , what will they think … psychotic tendencies. You’ve already sent it anyway, and then they respond with something reasonably nice, that doesn’t make you want the earth to open up … but you had thought otherwise.


You pour out your heart to someone and wait to hear what they have to say, but right after you’ve gone all foot in mouth, you think, “Oh snap, I shouldn’t have said all that, now what do they think, what will they say back” … and you could just wait to hear their response before taking yourself through the torture of the second thought.


You say yes to something, could be a deal, a job, a plan … then you think, ummm maybe this is not it, what if I made the wrong choice, should’ve probably said no. While I was thinking this, I was watching the movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” which you should watch, it’s kinda hilarious. And Mr.Popper had to say this at some point,

“Second thoughts are as valid as first thoughts, they only come later” ~ Mr.Popper

In as much as I would’ve loved to disagree with his statement, I think it’s quite appropriate, but only if it came before the execution of the first thought. Then again there’s a reason the first thought came first.

The second thought in question is the doubting Thomas, yeah, as I try to convince myself. So if you over think like I do, maybe it’s time we gave our minds a rest. There’s only so much the second thought can change … it’s just a source of frustration. I have been trying that of late, not to have second thought on what I do, because most of the time, what you think first is the real thing, what you think after is a condemnation of the real thing, so you’re basically trying to undo what your heart wants.

First thought equals less stress, second thought equals more stress! And once I figured that I have so many “on second thoughts” moments, which in turn made me stressed even when I was supposed to be happy. This is what I had to tell myself, “it’s about time I got confident in my decisions”. As long as the decision are made with wisdom and some from my heart … then there’s no need for doubts. Take in the outcomes as they come, if bad deal … with it, if good … rejoice!


The real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self confidence, and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts.

My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything – even if you have no clue what you’re doing ~ Jessica Alba



Lovely Weekend Lovely Peoples … XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*