Outside the Window

Today, I looked and I loved what I saw.

It’s been raining sporadically lately and I’m still trying to figure out whether I love the rain or not. Here’s a background of where my dislike for the rain might have sprung from. When my commute involved a lot walking and public transport, I didn’t like it because it was very inconveniencing. It meant that I had to wait for it to stop or choose to brave it and get soaked as everyone scampers as soon as the first drops hit the ground. Then suddenly there’s traffic snarl up and by virtue of that, no public service vehicles at the stage. Also, the fact that when growing up the rain was associated with the cold and flu and the end of play sessions or any fun outdoor activities.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

~ Vivian Greene~

Then you come across quotes like this, and if you take it literally, there’s no time we were taught or even allowed to dance in the rain. Any interaction with the rain was an automatic no, no – at least when you were under the roof of an African parent. It would be more like, dance in the rain… but at your own peril.

Today, I decided to look outside the window and see how the weather is behaving. Truth be told, I was desperately looking for some inspiration. Only to realize that I sit next to the window but I barely look outside or even just step out and take that breather. I mostly look outside when it’s raining and then I express my disappointment about the gloomy weather and go about my life. Today, I looked and I loved what I saw. It’s like the weather was directly speaking to me. It looked so warm and inviting – the beautiful sunset and abstract shape the clouds had formed.


It’s the type of weather I would probably appreciate when I am elsewhere (hello vacay, why do you feel so distant?), but now that I am here, it’s just another day, another sunset. Most of my days are just made up of the mundane, wake up, go to work, go home, eat, sleep, rewind – but this made me realize that I have to seek beauty in the ordinary and soak up in it or nothing will make sense. I need to look outside the window more often, but even more so, deliberately.

So here is to today’s beautiful sunset as viewed from my office window. It inspired me enough to break my hiatus.

Stay Inspired (I mean it!),