Relationships are not a walk in the park. You know the kind that you’re used to every other day,  your easy walk, where you know all the cool spots, where you will stop, have a chit-chat, laugh, walk, run do your thing and it makes you have that warm fuzzy feeling because it’s your regular dose. No, no, relationships are not that walk in the park. I would say, it’s more of a trip to the jungle. In a jungle you’ve never been to. It’s a first of its kind.

Big Foot. Small Foot.
Big Foot. Small Foot.

Imagine the thoughts that run through your mind when you’re told that you need to start preparing yourself for a trip to the jungle. I know right. Personally this is what would run through my mind; What do you carry with you, what do you leave behind, what are you going to find there, what will the trip do to you, will you have fun, will you have really scary moments like when you have to face lions, bears, snakes and all those scary animals you could think of that would be found in the jungle, will you find the happy place, like the meadow, where you can watch the beautiful scenery of the jungle, where the animals meet to drink water, where there lake meets the sky and the sun sets in the beautiful horizon.

That’s what a relationship is. You just don’t know what to expect, good things, bad things, confusing things. You are allowed to prepare yourself mentally when you’re getting into one, you can make all these arrangements. Like have a list of qualities you want your significant other to have, what you want your relationship to be like, what you don’t want it to be like. Then you get into it, and you want to apply all this plans you had. Like the jungle, some will work, others just won’t. Sometimes you have to deal with situations as they are, not based on what your plans were, but look at the situation and make judgement there and then. If you wait to ask around or start looking back at your “guide-book” you’ll  miss the point. That’s what relationships bring to the table.

The jungle that is the relationship could be where you find yourself. Where you find what it is that creeps or pisses the hell-out-of you and what it is that makes you happy and content with your current situation. Through this jungle, despite it not being a simple, predictable and a not so smooth journey, you find out whether your partner is the person who you want to experience all these confusions with. The confusion that is the creepiness and the beauty the jungle holds. In life, we all want to be loved, to be happy but we can never do that alone, unfortunately. Humans were created to want and need, to love, to hate, to be scared and all other related things. We have family and friends, but I don’t know how God did this, how he made us to want to have just that one main person. That one person that you connect with in a way that’s different from how you connect with your friends and family. That’s what is overly cool. How far you’d  go to make sure that you make it through the jungle with this other person. It’s in the sacrifices, the compromises, the thoughts, the expectations, the laughter, the tears, the sharing, the loving and the caring. That’s my overly cool. What’s yours?


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*