Parrot Talk

For lack of a topic, someone say “word block” as I dig right into it. We are all unique persons and special in our own way but isn’t it funny how we just sometimes imagine that we are more important than other people when put in certain similar situations. Like you deserve better than the other person or somehow you should be pulled out from that scenario first, like you’re too cool for it. A special treatment kind of thing. With that thought, all your common courtesy becomes too common and you let it out the window all together, I mean both the common and the courtesy.

Parrot Talk: We are unique and special in our own way but we’re all still parrots when faced with the same predicaments.

Say you’re stuck in bad traffic and you’re extremely frustrated due to a number of reasons, such as:

  1. You’re getting late for a meeting or for work,
  2. You just need to reach home and put your legs up as you sip some hot chocolate and catch up with your favorite programme,
  3. Someone’s has been impatiently waiting for you and they’re giving you pressure,
  4. There’s an emergency that needs to be attended to as soon as possible,
  5. Your fuel tank is blinking *empty* and it’s bumper to bumper. There’s a fat chance you could stall.
  6. Traffic has got nothing on you, you’re just bumping music and enjoying it but of course cursing a lil bit here and there.

Lets assume those are 6 different people, each frustrated due to their own reason. However unique we all are, we’ve have been subjected to this situation together. The ones driving their sleek, normal or beat up cars, to the ones using public transport. Maybe the ones in their cars at least have their own space, air conditioning, good music unlike the ones in public transport. But still we’re all facing the same problem.

There’s a chance that person 1. could think that person 2. as per the reasons provided above, is having a field day as they wait for the traffic as they clear off. For a moment there person 1. puts themselves on a pedestal, up there and all over sudden it’s them against the world. If they could shove the cars to pave some way for themselves, they would. This is you, if you see it fit to just overtake all the other “patiently parked” cars and squeeze in somewhere as the far front and feel good about yourself.

Another crazy scenario, you enter the bank and you find the queue has nicely and stagnantly coiled itself like a well fed anaconda, did you just see what I did there?. Now this is me, I have just come to pay my rent because my landlord has this account at National Bank. Am telling you it’s like that bank is cursed, whether you go in the morning, tea time, lunch time, the long lines never miss. The rent has to be paid and as much as I think that I have to go back to the office or I have other errands to run, I have to snail through the line. Sometimes I wish I knew someone so that I can make that payment in a jiffy or I knew one the people at the front of the queue, so that I could sneak my way through. I also feel overly special sometimes, maybe almost all the time. Like why the hell are there long lines in the first place, if only I had a say over it.

It’s amazing how the world brings you back to your feet, when your head is floating up in the sky. Such situations remind us that we’re all unique but there are certain things that put us in the same calibre with the rest regardless.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*