Playing Games

Ever noticed how a game is never that serious one until you’re on the winning end and you’re thinking, “Who’s the man now? I got this!”

First let’s start with a short prayer,

“Dear God, thank you for creating gamers or people who think up of games, it’s through their abilities that they make our rather boring moments turn into moments of fun by helping us keep our minds occupied. Amen.”

Games have been there since time in memorial, since the “peek-a-boo, “gabu gabu *insert childish tone here*” days in your early years, when you recognize people and things then giggle and murmur something that no one really understood but it got them happy and all smiles and laughs. I mean it was the only way that could keep us away from thinking that it’s time to cry about nothing in particular. Pretty sure we were all those kids, just like kittens and how a string is enough distraction and fun to keep it going and be happy with the world at that point in time.

Just tying to bring out the importance of games and how they are just part of us. Angry birds, fruit ninja e.t.c (mobile and p.c games), filling in puzzles (mind games), monopoly, chess (board games), x&o’s, start & stop (paper games), poker(card games)? As I go about playing my games, there’s sometimes I find myself just playing just because am looking for way to pass time, give me some adrenaline rush because I am in the lows or just to beat someone at it, set a record or reach some level. There’s so many reasons why you I would be found on one of these.

Like recently I was playing this game, fruit ninja, one of my current favorites and trust me to drag others into it. I have played it over and over since I discovered it, but to be honest, the only reason I play it is solely because it is fun and I always wanted to set a new record. But then what? So with time, while we were rushing to set records and see who’s getting the high scores. We figure, oh well…something I hadn’t quite thought of yet (I guess once I got bored of the game, I was eventually going to think of it). That there must be an aim got this game. Like, what are we playing towards. Of course in the same spirit, we went searching and we came across things that needed to be unlocked and others to be purchased so that you can get better backgrounds and super blades…who would have known? Of course not me, it was with the help of someone else. Someone who thought a game shouldn’t be played aimlessly. I, on the other hand was just thinking I’m slashing through fruits and gaining points.

Now, at least I have an idea what am playing towards as I slash those fruits and gain points. I’m still looking for ways to gain extra cash to buy some armors or new stuff I have unlocked to give me more leverage and opportunity to score more points. The game makes more sense. You can sense the excitement huh.

There are so many things that we take up in our lives and treat them the we play our games. Without an aim or a purpose, you just do it because you want to look cool, pass time or keep busy. We have a reason why we take up various activities or why we do what we do and when we do, but even if you have a reason, do you realize that if you do something aimlessly then there’s nothing you’re really set to achieve in the long run. You just satisfy your short-term desires and then what? It gets boring or unachievable and you want to move on to the next one. It becomes a cycle and that becomes the story. Been there a couple of times, actually more than a couple of times to stress on the emphasis of how much. That there is the purpose of having an aim in whatever it is you do, it stops becoming a cycle and things don’t get boring because now you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and you have milestones to achieve every time.

Sometimes, you cannot figure it all out on yourself, so someone else helps out. Similar to when you play games with your mates, you don’t have all the fun alone, you share with others. Get to identify new tactics, stunts, new revelations on how to do stuff. Others open you up, they make you think outside the box and help utilize your resources (abilities) in the best ways possible.

Playing games now becomes less of a joke and more of something that’s mind boggling, something you do with an aim, something more fun! You’ll realize this when playing monopoly and you want to invest some houses or hotels on that purple street next to the ‘GO’ but someone else grabs the property or when playing scrabble and your mate is on those triple word scores, or in chess when your opponent pulls a ‘check mate’ on you…lol.

Bottom line, games give life more meaning and less boredom. So we should take advantage of it,  live through it, involve others in our lives where possible and have fun while at it. After all it’s through games that we foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow no? So the next time someone tells you playing games is nothing but a waste of time, you have a supporting document courtesy of me *thank me now*.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*