Public Transport in Kenya

I have always been in a third world country born and bred… but at least I know our public transport sucks (tongue out :p ) totally. Like we’ve got minivans we call ‘matatus’…I really hate them but I have no choice because i don’t have enough ‘000 to buy myself a car so I have to go through the torture of boarding one everyday 🙁

My wish on our Kenyan public transport:

  1. A bus fare pricing body : Like a union that controls the bus fares. Because they just hike up when spited by something as small as drizzling or signs of rain. The prices all of a sudden get to double because it’s the rush hour when people are leaving work.
  2. Regulated music or just no music in the matatu : Honestly I hate it when they play loud music..makes you feel like your ear drums are bursting out. And half the time you can barely hear the music.
  3. Less portholed roads with reflectors and marked where necessary : If only the government could make sure that all the roads are smooth and marked clearly, also that there are reflectors so that the driver can see well at night.
  4. Less traffic jam : I don’t really know what they can do to curb this maybe the roads should be widened with more lanes… then make sure the public transport is on point and more people could leave their cars at home, hence less traffic. I hate the fact that we live 15 minutes or less away from town but it will take you 45 minutes to reach town thanks to traffic.
  5. The rickety mataus should just be gotten rid off..especially the ones that have some seriously toxic black exhaust gas with no safety belts and have disjointed parts…freaky.
  6. Our railway tracks and trains should be seriously worked on..its abit embarrassing — maybe the should start thinking electric..hehe I wish!
  7. The public transport drivers and conductors should attend etiquette classes and more strict driving classes… because they are like hungry monsters when driving.
  8. The police should just should be lenient, strict but not unfair when handling the above especially when they are on the right because it now makes the good drivers and conductors be bad and the nad ones be worse… It’s usually a cat and mouse game for cops vs drivers.
  9. They should have some serious rules and regulations that govern the public transport body and there should be people who have been given the responsiblity to enlighten the drivers and conductors and maybe the traffic police on them.
  10. Traffic Rules 101::: people need to be taught how to follow the traffic lights i.e Red is STOP, Amber is WAIT and Green is Go… as simple as that. That would make much of a difference.

What I like about our public transport, after much thinking … Nothing really. Okay let me give the government some credit, they are working well on the highways, lets see how they’ll be after completion. Oh well, they’ve put ‘one ways’ in town, am still trying to understand how they reduce traffic, because according to I , traffic is still the same, if not worse. I did like the Michuki rules, and I respect that man, he had seriously streamlined public transport. (Michuki for President…lol)