Riding the Wave

Do you feel like the ocean is consuming you?

I am usually fascinated by the ocean. The way it operates and the vibe it brings along. I always make sure that whenever I’m at the Coast I take a stroll by the beach. Even if it just means digging my feet in the sand and letting the water run through my toes or watching the waves as they form and make their journey to the shore or drawing on the sand and watching the waves wipe out my words. Even better when the waves are a little more forceful because it makes what is meant to be a calming moment rather thrilling. There’s something about the waves, when with all its strength it rises, then breaks on the beach and ebbs away, it makes you feel renewed.


The last time I was at the Coast, I happened to take the stroll by the beach with a friend, because most of the time I do it on my own. And when we turned to face the ocean and walk into the shallow waters on the shore, we stood there just looking into the vastness of it. And I remember I kept on asking her, “do you feel like the ocean is consuming you?” I kept feeling like I’m getting lost in it and yet in my mind, I knew that I am just at the shore. Like everything else around me had vanished and it felt like I’m just there in the middle of this huge mass of water on my own. Me and the ocean. Your mind can play real tricks on you.

This got me thinking, that sometimes we get consumed by the enormousness of our issues or things that are happening around us, that you feel like you’re getting lost in all of it. But the truth of it is that you’re still in the shallow waters – even if you’re looking into things that seem that they’re way beyond what you can handle. You’re still in control of the situation(s) and because of that you can single-handedly handle them. But sometimes because you’re so engrossed in that enormousness of your issues, and them in you, that it feels like you’re in this alone, and you feel like you’re drowning – even when you’re standing in the shallow waters and there are many people surrounding you. Your family, your friends, heck, even strangers.

It could be money problems, relationship problems, work-related problems, business-related problems, esteem problems, problems that you can’t even comprehend yourself – so you can’t really describe them to someone else. But when you’re looking into these problems that seem greater than you and that seem to engulf you, all of you, don’t forget to look sideways. You’ll realize that first, you’re not the only one feeling that way or going through what you’re going through and secondly, there are other people around you who are very willing to take that stroll with you and stand by your side when you’re wondering how come all these things you’re facing are consuming you.

Don’t be afraid of the vastness of the ocean, it may feel like it’s consuming you, but in the same breadth allow it to fascinate you. Face the waves and let them distract you, that in as much as sometimes they can be destructive – and it feels like they’re coming at you, most times, they bring healing and they wipe away the pain, the struggle and the confusion. And the calmness that you’re yearning for will come someday, because you’ll be riding the wave. This one calls for a yasss!

One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday.

Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill

Here’s me wishing you a fun-filled weekend, because it’s Friday and we thank God ??

Stay Inspired,