Road Rage

Thought road rage is only for drivers, wrong, passengers get the full experience of it. Especially if you travel by public means.

Road Rage -- Gets me charging like a bull

Yesterday, as I was headed home in the evening after an exhausting day, I walk to the stage and enter the matatu Public Service Vehicle(PSV). I’ve settled down on my sit and am just thinking, I can’t wait to reach home. The matatu environment is not the best. There’s the closed windows that makes it stuffy and there’s the loud bursting music that makes you feel like your eardrums are going to get perforated. Then the worst moment comes when in a 3 seater place the conductor forces a 4th person. And being in the evening some people just smell of serious sweat Hardworking Citizen and they are just rubbing against you. Anyway that’s not the big deal here,

The way the driver is driving is just it. Gosh, you would think he’s transporting cows to the slaughter room. I thought PSV’s have a speed limit of 80km/h this dude is doing about 100-120km/h on a road that should only be doing 50km/h like half the time you’re heart is in your mouth #TheTraumer Then he refers to the passengers as pesa. You’d hear the conductor say something like “beba pesa” — carry money.

To be honest I felt like if only I was #Makmende I would take the conductor and the driver and bang their heads together i mean like the way I would play a cymbal. Because all through the journey I’m cursing out, you know all the S words I can think of. Really, I would want to be having happy thoughts on my way home. Not thinking what would happen if we had an accident #BadThoughts.

The worst people to have a road rage with is the PSV drivers and conductors, because they just don’t care, they are either probably high on some drug or wondering how they are going to make money in the next round they are carrying passengers. By the time I came to realize this, I have alighted the matatu with some burning anger, Chimney like or say charging bull, venting out all the anger! Those guys are experts in Saddism, they can totally ruin your day.

The only medicine is Ignore, Ignore, Ignore until you buy a car. Involvement with them is just a waste of time and energy. It’s like arguing with a fool, don’t get me wrong I’m not calling them fools am just likening the situation, since it’s the same anyway…lol, you just end up looking like one of them. Which is not a good thing. On the contrary, you can wish them a lovely evening (turn anger into joy) … it’s a fulfilling feeling … I have tried it. Though it was uncalled for, am sure he was left thinking, okay, what did I do to deserve that 🙂