Roller Coaster Week : TGIF

Thank God It’s Friday! Roller coaster week this has been from Moody Monday -> Tacky Tuesday -> Whimsy Wednesday -> Thrilling Thursday -> Funky Friday and looks like I’m headed for -> Stress-Free Saturday -> Super Soulful Sunday.

Random Thoughts

You need to get into certain situations to know how you can actually handle them. Everyday you go through different feelings, things, people, situations and it’s only through them that you get to even learn more about yourself. This, you’ve got to appreciate as bad as it is, because it actually molds you.

Just figured that I’m one of those people who warm food, tea but end up eating or drinking it when it’s cold. Yes I’m a slow eater, unless I’m very hungry (you know those kids who kept food in their mouths for hours…lol but that was then). Then again wonder why I warm them in the 1st place…smh!

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

My weekend has been cramped by school. Basically, school has gotten into the way of my life right now and it’s just haunting me everywhere, but I’m ninja. Going to hang out with my baby sister sometime *BLISS* finally schools close. She is the other version of me the younger free-spirit one, totally fun to hang out and she does poetry will try get one off her 🙂

Fan Fact: I was born on February 1st and she was born on February 28th (1st and last day of the month)…I find that just beyond cool!

I’m Craving

Kuku choma, ugali, kachumbari. The though is tormenting my salivary glands much … I want!


Songs of the Week

Oh boy bands!

I Want and Pray

Always thankful for the little things. Sure I’ll look back in time and think that was pretty big for a small girl like me. The same thing happens even now when I look back. I pray for the different opportunities coming my way and the ability to make wise/right choices in life generally. For the people in my life, for love, laughter, peace, good health and safety.

Quote Of The Week

For those of us having exams, all the best … It’s just exams after all, we’ll be sure to Ace them no?.

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*