“She’s just not that into you”!

Oh well reversed roles, thought that a girl can also be not that into a guy, I’m a girl and I know there are some girls who are just plain right not into a guy, doesn’t need a psychic to say so. There are so many things to show that
“She’s just not that into you”!

Here are just but a few ways to know if a girl is into you or not!! I know people are different, with different personalities but there are some traits that cut across the female species that is clearly similar. In that given such a situation we would act the same indirectly! Hope I’ve made some sense there.

Phone number

She will think over and over whether to give you her number or not. It’s a tough choice, then, “She’s just not that into you”!

If a girl is into you, you ask her for her number and she gives you immediately. She doesn’t think about it, it’ll maybe hit her later, ‘that was fast’…lol


If you call her and miss her a several times and she doesn’t call you back when she sees the missed calls then “She’s just not that into you”!

If she’s into you, chances for You getting a missed call are slim, because she’ll jump at the first ring, because she’s looking forward to your call. And if there’s a missed call, she’ll call back first thing…with no excuses like #iforgot


If you text her and she doesn’t respond accordingly, in that you’re in different levels of texts. Or rather if she doesn’t respond to your texts at all then “She’s just not that into you”!

If she’s into you, you’ll get a reply pronto!! no delays. and probably long ones, over explaining things.

One word answers

If you meet her and she is always responding to your questions with one word answers e.g. Yes, No !! “She’s just not that into you”!

When a girl into you, she’s literally a chatterbox, if the quiet boring ones. The share about anything and everything…both relevant and irrelevant.

Boyfriend Referral

If in your conversations she keeps referring to her current boyfriend and how she’s into him and she’s supposed to met him in a few then clearly, “She’s just not that into you”!

If a girl is into you, she’ll seldom mention another guy, let alone the boyfriend. Men are jealous and she knows that…hehe!

Strictly Official Talk

If your conversation is dwelling around work, work, work and no play .. she’s set her boundaries as to how far your conversation can reach, and as a result, “She’s just not that into you”!

If a girl is into you, she’ll talk about literally anything with you. She won’t limit herself. #FreeSpirited

Cancelling of dates

If a girl, has cancelled all the dates after your first date by giving lame excuses, then, “She’s just not that into you”!

If she’s into you, she’ll look for the smallest opportunity to meet you, even if its ‘hi’ ‘bye’ for 5 minutes #word!

Always busy

If she’s always too busy to talk to you then, “She’s just not that into you”!

A girl can make time for anyone she’s head over heals with..even if she’s madam president #TrustMe

Prefer to meet friends over you

If she cancels your date with her because her girls just scheduled a meeting at the same time then “She’s just not that into you”!

Because if she told her girls she’s meeting THE guy, they would reschedule and be excited for her. Unless it’s a life-death matter.

Not excited

If you always call her and she’s dull and sounds irritated when you call, then, “She’s just not that into you”.

If a girl is into you, she gets all excited, ecstatic and jumpy when you cal her or talk to her. You would automatically know she’s happy to talk to you or be with you.

Call you when need be

She calls you ONLY when there’s an emergency, then , “She’s just not that into you” i.e ‘will you drop me home? because you conveniently have a car’

If a girl is into you, she will even tel you of her plans in case you want in…

Last resort

When you’re the last resort for stuff, like if she’s call you after trying other channels and they fail and you’re most likely to be at her beck n call then, “She’s just not that into you”!

If she’s into you, you always be her first plan, always.

Rude responses

If she’s always rude to you and doesn’t really care what you say or do and does irritating things to keep you off, then, “She’s just not that into you”!

A girl whose into you, will be the sweetest to you, care about you and make sure that you’re treated right. Yes!

Hesitant to introduce you to friends and family

If a is hesitant to introduce you to her friends and family, then that’s unfortunate because, “She’s just not that into you”!

If a girl is into you, like head over heels, she wants you to meet everyone that matters to her. And that’s family and friends. She’s not like the dude who takes his time. She wants to literally announce, if possible to the whole world.

These are just but a few, although enough to give you a clear sign that a girl is either into you or not. It’s amazing how some guys still cling on, even after being thrown for all the signs in the world. And I tend to believe that if she’s not into you she shows it without hesitation.

I loved the Painting below, don’t know it’s by whom!! but Big Ups to them! 🙂

Signing off — *Kawi*