Simple Pleasures

Thursday people where you at? One of those day’s you are overcome by a sudden rush of happiness that you can’t quite fathom but you can almost put a finger to the things that make you feel such. You know those things that in their simple state, just for being what they are bring you so much pleasure. No, they don’t have to try so hard, they don’t have to change their state to make you feel over the moon. It’s like you loving water as it is, it doesn’t have to freeze to become ice for you to enjoy it or boil to evaporation to show you that it has potential.

Sometimes we take these things for granted. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly. Why not take sometime to identify some of them and just bring them to light. Yeah, that’s what I thought to myself and I shall do just that. Here a few of my favorite things (reminds me of the old classic “Sound of Music”, I want to re-watch it):

○ Flavored pancakes or french toasts (is it me or or do men make these stuff better, bf does)

○ Carrot bites and their crunchiness (crunch crunch crunch! I see better, kidding, but there’s something about chewing on carrots)

○ Crisps and a sip of Ribena (divine)

○ Nice home cooked meal (I’m not so choosy, as long as it’s delish)

○ Family meet ups (there’s so much to catch up on)

○ Road trip jokes and laughter (Medal goes to the folks, those two are the funniest people I have ever met…not kidding by the way, they complement each others jokes so it becomes even funnier)

○ Kodak moments (just posing for the flash, wasssuuuuup!)

○ Long hot showers (I wish my hair was water friendly, there’s a niceness in the water running through your hair and to your face, for now shower caps will just do)

○ Spongy “melt-in-your-mouth” cakes (And you wonder why I love birthdays)

○ One nice movie (research shows that there’s a high probability that I’ll sleep on the second one…lol)

○ Poker during a power black out (you should try this out, you forget there’s a black out and you curse K.P.L.C less, fun times)

Those are just a few, thought I would list them to just remind myself how lucky I am despite the stresses of life. We have so much more to smile about every other day and we fail to realise that. What are some of your simple pleasures?

Quote of the day

It’s Thursday, that day if you haven’t said your thank you’s or been truthful you get the chance to. Give thanks and be truthful to yourself and to others. Tomorrow is Friday, wooptidooo!

Signing off  ~~~ *Kawi*