Smiley Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! The day started off looking all gloomy, but looks like it got my memo. Yeah, the sun is really trying its best shine and it’s a  bright day after all, even with the dark expectant clouds. Totally matches my mood! In case you have no reason to smile, oh well …


Random thought

Why is it that when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, you become so thirsty just when you’re gurgling the toothpaste off your mouth and the tap water feels so cold and tempting to just swallow? By the way I’ve always wondered, because after that even the thought of water tastes yuck.

I’m feeling

Content and grateful … then thoughtful and happy!


This weekend

Up to have some fun *wink* it’s yet another birthday weekend.

I’m craving

To shop for very irrelevant things for my house. And that’s what I will do. Like a pencil holder, fridge magnets and what not! So who knows where I can get this funky nice (irrelevant) stuff ? … hehe

Songs of the week

This woman is phenomenal! She’s stuck to her culture and that just makes her know what she’s about. Now playing STL – Haba Haba. I can listen to her songs all day. I love her originality and appreciation of where she’s from and who she is.

I want and pray

I want the weather to stabilize. It’s September, one of my favorite months and it’s supposed to be sunny, happy and full of life. Whatever happened?

I hope that I’m living my purpose … you know the full working towards what I have always wanted and what I am supposed to be (which I really don’t know … if only life came with a manual, like when you’re popped out, you come out with the manual and the nurses give to your mum, then when you reach 18yrs she hands it over to you), so I hope in one way or another they tally. (Yeah, that’s some deep thought right there. Don’t know where that came from.)



To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*