Smurfully Grateful

Who would have ever thought? I am so excited, I know this is small but I just got to 100,000 hits. You know it amazes me that there’s someone out there who reads my blog … yeah blah blah blah *I can read your mind you know* … I know I have said this over and over again, yeah, sometimes I need to do that for it to actually check in, more like pinch me to know its real kind of thing. Yes, I think about it, I feel lousy when I don’t put up something because of how much I visit other people’s blogs with so much psyche only to find they haven’t posted something … So what are the chances that there’s someone who feels the same about mine.

Then sometimes I wonder if what I write is really worth reading. So much for not believing in myself. Oh my I am so over the roof right now … literally. I am on Flu Gone (meds to eliminate thee flu I’ve got) and it makes me have that floaty feeling, like I’m high and stuff is just flowing from my mind through my heart and to my fingers.

For being able to scream out to the world through my lil’ stupendous blog … it’s actually brought me further than I thought. So for those who threw the seed into fertile land, thank you. At least the seed didn’t let you down, it keeps growing and growing. For those who keep watering the growing plant with random comments, corrections, compliments, thank you. For those who see the plant growing, but don’t understand what the plant is, thanks you for taking some time to try understand. At some point the plant will become a tree and bear fruits and then you will understand what tree is supposed to be. Even the plant does get confused sometimes, it gives very many mixed signals.

There’s no better way to appreciate, I wish I could buy 100,000 sweets and share, but seeing as this is very virtual, thank God … *throws some virtual sweets into the air*. I hope that makes you smile, even when you had nothing else to smile about. If you don’t and you reached this part, you must be faking it. Yes?

Have a smurful day *wink* and God bless you and me much. For me to write more and for you to read and get refreshed and an Amen to that!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*