TGIF *Fake’ish*

Thank God It’s Friday:

The week has flown… Okay, maybe the five days in a week are not that long. But thing is I didn’t even realize today is Friday…the way I should. haha I know you’re wondering how. Well by Friday you should be tired of the week, and things should’ve happened that just make you want to go into the weekend mode. I feel like someone will tell me today is

I’m Feeling

Happy, content and VERY thankful to God, there’s no complaints.

I’m Excited

It’s not an excitement per se, but I need to start looking for a house. I’ve been saying this since for ever, but the time is passing and it’s about time now. So I start tarmacking for a house…and do I have to use agents…ai!

Help? South C, Langata…somewhere next to Mombasa Road or Langata Road.

Woi, it’s at this point when I see leaving my parents nest is gonna be quite a challenge, but let me try, if things are too thick, my room will always be there…hehe

Theme Song of the Week

Us Against The World – Christian Milian {whooa her songs in general are too awzuuum *awesome* you’ve gotta see the lyrics for this one in particular, I love!}

I’m Craving

Some serious Retail Therapy Soonest! I don’t know what I want exactly, but yeah that’s not the point!

I want and I wish

That what I’m praying for and wishing for comes to be. I can’t say it, I was told if you say wishes they don’t come true…it’s my child myth, so immediately it happens I’m gonna say #deal …that’s positivity at it’s best.

I pray

That God guides and protects me and my loved ones and makes of me a shinning lamp and a brilliant star *wink*



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*