TGIF *New Stuff*

Fact : This is the 2nd time this year that the 1st of the month has fallen on a Friday, the 1st one was January 1st which was the new year. {Ok I’m that bored please forgive me…ha}.

Well it’s supposed to be Thank God It’s Friday….But so much for giving this Friday credit…now it’ s me me me…since it’s the beginning of a New Month…So i’m Thanking God I’m Fresh….yeah I can be cool like that sometimes…lol {i’m just bored}

So it’s a new month… It started at a very lousy note, where I just couldn’t get my eyes to open..the 1st like 30mins of my stepping out of bed were handled with eyes half-open. Oh Gosh..I hope that doesn’t mean “Lazy Month” or “Waking-Up late month”–I can’t have any more of that #Shindwe

My September was lovely…Again I can say I dint at any moment feel the song by Green Day — “Wake me up when September ends”, I actually enjoyed every waking moment.

The September happenings :

I attended my sisters academic day….felt like a mom. The fact that I was reviewing her performance and setting for her targets she should achieve…lol, and selling her out to the teachers with the help of my bachelor. It was like Mom and Dad…haha bet she had fun though, the bachelor is quite hilarious.

I completed my Post Grad Diploma…YaaaY, ok basically, the only thing remaining is my project…which shall be done soonest.

Had two interviews… I mean it’s not everyday you are called for one.

Laughed to tears quite a couple of times, thanks to some two people…I don’t get how they do that to me all the time.

Helped out in something which I think is gonna be a success…I mean that’s the one few times I put all my brains into something and it looks feasible, viable and makes complete sense.

I am stuck to the *putting a hint of what im writing about in this two asterix* – which is a weird blogging habit.

My October expectation:

It’s the first day and I’m sooooo bored, I don’t want this to be the trend. It’s not Fresh! I bet that’s now my theme for this month :  *Always be Fresh*

I need to do new stuff, or new happenings in my life…where all this new things are going to come from only God knows. So I’m praying, crossing my fingers toes and clenching the butt for this new stuff that I don’t really know but should be good for my life…talk of being so vague, but it’s cause I’m also clueless.



Signing Off *Kawi*