TGIF *Wheeeeee*

Yes literally… That’s what I’m feeling. If I could get access to a roller coaster right about now, that would just top it up!

Okay it’s been two Friday’s back since I did a TGIF… I always want to find some time to do it, but I was always overcome by events. And the day just passes like that. #Fail

Overview of the last two weeks:

I was on study leave for two weeks, because I was doing my final exams at KIM *Whoop Whoop*, and I am DONE! Had evening  classes on awkward days like Thursday and Friday… just when everyone wants to meet, Kawi has to either cancel the meet-up or skive a class…so you can imagine which one out-rode the other. I hope you weren’t expecting me to answer that question.

Well between the days for my exams I got two surprise calls. Yup Yup! It’s not everyday I’m called for an interview. So miss.lucky here was called for two. One was like two weeks ago. Got through it, though it’s not what I was expecting or rather the package was not good/better than what I have already. So I passed the opportunity *days you pray you made the right choice/decision*. The second one happened this week, I believe went okay, but am being hopeful while at the same time partially expecting the worst in case it doesn’t go through. Though this has given me psyche now…at least I know I’m capable.

I’m happy happy happy and thankful for my life as it is although I have many prayers for better things and working to the best of my ability to ensure they get better.

“I do believe in the saying “God helps those who help themselves”

Basically, the two weeks as much as I was having exams, it was sort of an indirect break because now I’m freshest. Realized the importance of team work, because truth be told, I never at any one time got stressed about any exam because I was doing group discussions. Thank God for people, they help you at your weak point and you also help them with their weak points and at the end of it ya’ll are knowledgeable and successful.

So Thank God It’s Friday:

Hasn’t the week just flown by. As in September is about to end. Reminds me of the song “Wake me up when September ends – Green day” although in my case I want to be awake through it, because it’s one hell-of-a lovely month.

I’m Feeling

Content and Super thankful to God for everything. That’s me the past few weeks. Like I have every reason to smile. I mean if I look around and scope the blessings I have just around me – There’s this warm feeling I have. Yeah Basically!

I’m Excited

About going to visit my baby sister *Clara* with my O&O! She’ll be amazed. I’ve actually never gone to her school before so I bet this is gonna be exciting. Especially the fact that it’s academic day. I’ll be acting mum…and I have the freedom to pull a “What happened to your results in Chemistry and Kiswahili, You need to pull up your socks. No T.V during holiday” haha *DEAD*

Theme Song of the Week

I’m that *chiq flicky* girl sometimes…okay all the time and one of the ones in my list of watched is “Camp Rock” and I loved the Theme Song “This Is  Real This is me”- Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas ~~~ Hapo wamenena

I’m Craving

Haiya, I don’t have any craves as I write…I have satisfied most of them. This is a rare occurrence. Though I wouldn’t mind some Grilled Chicken coming my way…YUMM!

I want and I wish

For them to get back to me…being anxious ain’t sooo cool. You Know What I Mean! To get a nice house at a nice place now that I have to move from “under my parents wings”home at some point sooner or later.

I pray

For God to grant me the Serenity to accept things that I cannot change, the Courage to change things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

This is what makes me hopeful about prayers:



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*