The Abyss of the Unknown

There’s so much thats not known to us as humans… I tend to think that most of the conclusion we come up with are mainly through assumption, estimations, approximations,beliefs, peoples thoughts,faith.

To be for real, I live by faith… I make myself believe in things. Because there are so many things to question, but no one will ever have the answers. Only God does, he’s our creator i mean, and I chose to believe he exists even though i have never seen him. I believe that theres a heaven and you have to do good(obey the commandments) so that when you cease to live, thats your next destination.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). You might not find these words if you looked up “faith” in a dictionary, but this was the best description of faith i could at least think of.

I have grown up in a christian setting, I remember going to the sunday school , i always used to look forward to it, because we had the best sunday school teachers ever, they would teach us bible stuff using funky cuttings with different colours and calligraphed wordings, get us gifts if you memorized bible verses … how cool is that. They are the ones who moulded my belief in God and the bible. Though there some questions I always wonder…maybe I will ask in  heaven..hehe. Here are some of the things I have always wondered and no one has really ever answered them, not that am even looking for answers because I know no one has the correct answers 🙂

  1. Who is God really … besides being my creator and heavenly father and I believe in him…but who is he?? is he like invisible, does he really watch over all of us, does he hear all our prayers (I assume he does, thats why I pray for almost everything…lol), I wonder how he looks, is he a man or a woman??
  2. Where is heaven and hell? I have always assumed ‘heaven’ is up somewhere like over the skies while on the other hand ‘hell’ is down like rock bottom down …don’t know how high or deep it gets though. Or are they imaginary things??
  3. Where do people go when they die?? are their souls lifted away from the body then the body is eaten by termites and fungus and then what happens to the soul?
  4. How come the soul is not a bodily organ? is it like the spirit in you …what exactly is it? how does it look?
  5. Who are these people who wrote the bible?? and what makes us all believe that what they were saying is true?? maybe they were writing a fiction story, science fiction cupped up with some romance story. I was told in my C.R.E class that they were holy spirit filled men of God. How are they spirit-filled? And how would you know someone is spirit-filled? Is it the way they act, talk, walk??
  6. Who came up with the words in the bible?… actually who came with language, what made them decide that they will call a certain thing this and that? and who approved it?

So besides God and the bible, there are many other things that are so totally unknown to us. You know everyone has sort of built their own world in their heads. Like you wouldn’t know what the other person is thinking…under no circumstance. People could say communication, but there’s only so much one can say.. the rest is actively hosted in your cerebrum.

How do you know what the other person is thinking ? My take is that you will never know.

How do you know the other person loves you and wants the best for you? My take actions speak loud, but still how do you know its depth, or maybe your just assuming.

How do you know a person doesn’t like you? My take, actions again. but in the real sense sometimes what you see is not what you get. You could think some hates you but maybe they like you and their way of showing you makes you think otherwise.

I like how people come up with books and movies that help people try to understand people. Like men try to understand women and vice versa. According to yours truly, I think every person is totally different. There’s a friend of mine who uses this quote so much:

“Ones man meat is another mans poison”

People generalize a lot. Although similar species could be similar in a way, humans are pretty different … just that probably the actions lead to the same consequences and people tend to think men are all the same and women are all the same.

How do you know what makes another person happy? They could tell some but others they can’t even describe?

Personally, there are many things I would want to say but I tend to hold back sometimes because you don’t know what the other person is thinking. Hence “the Abyss of the Unknown” …

What makes you think the other person will understand what you’re trying to say from your point of view. What they understand is always from their point of you. So kudos if you’re on the same level of understanding — those are the people i like conversing with.

Conflict of understanding is always the basis of arguments..haha check this out:

“A long dispute means that both parties are wrong” — Voltaire

For sure, because everyone thinks they are right. Even when the topic is subjective. No person in their right senses will accept to have thought wrong..eben when they’re being ignorant. Like the MP who said ‘water doesn’t come from trees’…LMAO that was stupid.

Funny. Us guys did Ethics units in campus and i used to wonder ‘what makes the lecturers think they are right in their views…’ you know they’ll put for you less marks after asking you what you think about a certain scenario… not so cool. It’s your thought for pits sake, maybe they should have asked… ‘according to how I lectured you, how would I think in such and such a scenario?’ Now I would answer how she wants it…hehe.

There is still a whole lot more of what I think and wonder and with no answers. If I get to know how to put it in writing, am going to update this.

Signing off — *Kawi*