The Chronicles of Kawi

I know you were expecting some BIG news, but errrm! Here goes *drum rolls* My interest in relationships and things related has significantly decreased  by a very large percentage. Why? Because that person you want doesn’t want you back and that person who wants you, you’re probably not interested. So you know what happens, we just settle! You settle with someone who bores you to death or doesn’t really tickle your fancy or doesn’t get you or you don’t get them or they make you depressed or uncomfortable half the time.

In short, I think relationships are overrated! Maybe I’m among the people who overrate it…lol. The thought of it now gives me the creeps because the little that I expect always seems too much. Here’s what I expect:

  • To love and be loved back  – It’s an encapsulation where there are other things included but I don’t want to make them so apparent.
  • Exclusivity – this is the only case where sharing is not caring.
  • Respect – it’s a two-way thing. You respect me, I give you back mad respect and maybe a litto bit submission too *wink*
  • Don’t pretend – so that just in case you’re weird I can jump out fast … lol #justkidding
  • Be focused – You’re the man, I would expect you to be way better off than me 🙂

What I don’t expect:

  • Someone to be all up in my space – some guys become too much , if you know what I mean. Texts and calls every second, eish! Even 3 times a day that being a number just off the top of my head, depends on how you relate 🙂 is good enough, I can give you a thumbs up for that, at least I’ll know you still care and I’ll reciprocate…hehe
  • Insecurity – Why oh why would you be in the first place?
  • Change in character once you start dating – Hmmm! just don’t pretend.
  • Weirdness and discomfort – Now this is just bad … MJ bad.

These are a few of my favorite things *cue sound of music*,  and read few, but so far the most important. The rest can align themselves around these ones. Sadly, you cannot really get what you want, I hope that’s just for want. I hope it doesn’t creep in on the need too. I think I’ve kissed way too many frogs for my own good, now I’ll just wait for prince charming. Yikes! Just remembered that prince charming was also a frog…puh!

I am an optimist by nature, so in as much as I sound like I’ve given up on this venture, maybe I really haven’t. There’s that 5% remaining, and that’s BIG! No? Sometimes I wish I had just gotten into this things when I was young and naïve (which I did by the way) and stuck to the same person even through the drama, when you become knowledgeable it eats you up because now you know what you want, what you deserve, what you need, who you want to be with and those other things that makes you feel like a smart a**.

So I read this somewhere

I swear by a quote from Andrew Carnegie which states, “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” If a person says they like, love, and/or care about you that’s great. Do their actions back up their claims? If so, that’s perfect! If not, take a step back and evaluate your relationship. —> See! Growing up does things to you.

Last but not least … Married folks, please make marriage look like bliss, that’s what I always thought of it. I still need to think of it like that so that I can aspire to get there. Problem is that you keep puncturing my marriage balloon (Yes, I had one that was fully inflated), but the more I see married men hitting on us young girls, the more you just make me think my future husband will be doing the same and the balloon is deflating at a fast rate. At least you had your piece of the cake without being told how yuck or yummy it is, now let us also have our piece without knowing the ingredients, the best you could do is make it look yumm!

I’m on Team Kawi all together, she oozes of awesomeness…yes? Don’t you wish you could stay by yourself and not get lonely? If only it was humanly possible, that would be uber cool, but it’s not!

Note to self

I hope Monday is taking you well? Funny enough this is an awesome Monday. No blues expect for the sky.  Then the number of assignments that I have to hand in this week and the next week, plus read for exams *pouts* , let’s just say this masters will the end of me and education.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*