The Dilemma

The one that you’re faced with every so often, of whether to hang on or let go? The amount of baggage we carry around can be so for lack of a better word unnecessary.

Isn’t it just amazing how sometimes we go through things and the thought that crosses your mind is, “How the hell am I going to let go of this or even get over it?” Now that life has it’s up and downs, the downs as much as the ups are, are inevitable. You just never know what, when, how, where or why. They just come out of no where, you know from some place we least thought of and other times it could be from a place we knew right from the start will get us there…down.

Such is life, a beautiful struggle because in as much as we experience pain of any sort, no pain lasts forever. What you hold onto are memories which fade out. Just like a wound, what remains is a scar, which sometimes also clears off, but the pain is not physically there anymore. Good thing … bad thing with the memories, it’s you who chooses what to do with them.  Ever tried to put yourself in a place where you experience some sort of hurt or pain but you cannot even seem to remember how it felt, you can’t even begin to describe it, it’s indescribable.

  • Bang your toe on some hard surface. For a split second there, the pain is beyond. A few minutes later, think about it and try imagine how painful it was and chances are that you can recall it was painful yeah, but you can’t feel it again.
  • Lost love, like, something … yes it hurts at first and you question many things, go through a heart-break and so on but a few days, weeks, months, years (all depends on you) down the line, you look back and you’re like “really?” yeah, you remember it was a rough patch but you feel it no more. It now becomes a memory and you can talk about it, maybe learn from it.
  • Lost or misplaced stuff anything from electronics, accessories, clothes. You’ll feel bad for a while, but then you will get a substitute or replace it and you forget how it actually felt losing whatever it is in the first place.

Not everyone or everything in life is supposed to be fought for, sometimes it’s only reasonable for us to just let go. There are some relations were not meant to mature or to be, there are some things that you have that you’re better of without and the only way for you to get off that relation is by losing whatever it is. The things you fight for are those you have passion for, those that bring benefit to you as a person or that you know was meant to be yours so regardless of the hustles or struggles and you’ll still work for it.

Then there are those you just need to close your eyes, talk to your inner self, let go and no matter how hard it seems just learn to let go of it because it either bogs you down, brings in negative feelings and is no value to you. You know, we can spend so much time and resources trying to make something that’s unworkable work while you know quite well, it won’t work from the beginning. I call it assuming some sort of super power.

Do you experience this? or is it just me…lol. The many times I have, be it with people or objects, pretty sure you have also figured this out, “it’s not rocket science” to know who or what matters to you the most, to know who or what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go. The funny thing is that sometimes we sugar coat things and try to find the most intrinsic reasons for sticking onto something even when it’s black and white from the word go that it’s not meant to be. A dilemma of how things actually are and you would like things to be. That right there is life, and this right here, is how to handle certain things in life.

In case you were wondering how to simplify life *thank me later* 🙂

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*