The Elusive!

This being my first blog … wow! Finally. It’s not everyday that you’ll find me getting the inspiration to jot down something. I guess i can call that laziness. So I decided it’s about time I put my amazing, very stupendous thoughts into writing instead of letting them be whisked away just like that.

This being the hottest topic : Relationships. I like it. I mean every other person has their subjective idea of an ideal relationship… or rather as some imagine, the “perfect relationship”… Oh,well in my very limited vocabulary and my short experience i would just stick to ideal instead of perfect…and Mr.Compatible instead of Mr. Right…because just like every other girl/lady/woman i used to dream and eat Mr.Right until i came to realize…eeerrrr sorry madam there is nothing like that.

So as a result I came to realize, what I was looking for was not Mr. Right but Mr.Compatible was the very essence of my search. Just that you know, man ain’t perfect (man in this case being both male and female)…i like this two quotes on perfection:

“No one is perfect, thats why pencils have erasers”..think about it.

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target” Geoffrey. F .Fisher

Funny enough today I read an article on the elusive Mr.Right. So the writer goes something like, he’s evidently not being elusive, (my words) O_o It’s just that you are putting him on a pedestal, you’re idealizing him and seeing that man as a mirage. Oh well, the solution here was first dream about that Mr. Right. Hey, I still stick to my Mr.Compatible so don’t get me wrong … Yes, dream about him,but dont leave it there because then you’re dream becomes useless –> Write down that which you’re dreaming about, like a list of all those things and dont miss out on anything, the nitty gritties too … I know you get what i mean. After this you shall be surprised at the kind of men you meet because at this stage you already know exactly what you want, so you will not be experimenting anymore and as they come streaming you know who to kick off … thanks to your dream list … hehe

Anywhoo … I did the same, so this ain’t just coming from nowhere, I wrote a list of what I want in a man … I know this may sound very stupid, but I did it and I do pray about it…lol, God doesn’t let you down, at least mine don’t hit the roof. Am not saying what I want is this perfect person, but thats what I have in my mind, it’s what i dreamt about.

Here goes my list,

  • Physical Side —> Averagely taller than me, dark n handsome, with just a bit of weight, physically fit,good dental formula,neat appearance, attractive.
  • Emotional Side —> Can communicate, understands me(like we on the same level of understanding), humorous, interesting, loves me more than i love him (just kidding but Love should be reciprocated), not secretive, Intelligent, God-fearing, Financially stable,always there for me no matter what, outgoing and fun(in all aspects..cough*cough*).

Everyone has their weakness and strengths. What I usually say is that if you can handle the weakness of the other person then you’re set. This does not only apply to relationships but to friends and family too. It is how you handle the other persons weakness that keeps you close together because you can eventually even turn that weakness into a strength … SWOT analysis comes in handy haha!

Realization: Funny how your relationships have an effect on you’re happiness … unless your abnormal, you can’t deny this *food for thought*

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*