The Engagement Shoot: Our Train Story

I honestly never thought we would have an engagement shoot before the big day, because in the midst of all the planning, we hadn’t quite slotted that in. Strangely, right after we had gotten engaged (The Million Dollar Question?), we toyed around the idea of a shoot & even arranged for it, but just when we were about to do it, something came up and we shelved it. So it didn’t cross my mind that we would be able to do one – I mean, it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t, after all we’d have so many photo opportunities in future. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that when you shelve your plans that they are entirely forgotten, the world somehow conspires, eventually. That could be God’s mysterious way of signaling, “I got you!”

Our chosen photographers, some two handsome, fashion-forward but most of all extremely passionate and talented young men – @thanabster & @keganking, who are also my colleagues, out of the blues, decided we should have an engagement shoot beforehand so that we could get loose – I kid, but so that we could mingle with them, and they could get to know our personalities and be able to capture them on the big day.

They chose the Railway Museum as the spot where we would do our thing, with a touch of retro to back it up. For us, it worked perfectly, because it symbolized a journey, we’re all about the journey – not so much the destination, because it always works itself out. You know a ‘train station’ never gets old, it just inspires – from all the movies and books I’ve watched and read respectively, they’re one of the richest places because they hold so many stories – romantic, happy, sad, lonely or fun ones! Name it. It’s seen people from all walks of life – people with different feelings, experiencing different situations and capturing different moments in their lives. And we’re no different.

And so the story began.

Engagement Shoot

The direction they took intrigued me, because I am quite the time-keeper with dates – NOT! While Dion is that guy, you tell him 10:00am and its 10:00am. I am more patriotic by virtue of being an African timer. And so on this particular date, I had him waiting for some time, but from the corner of my eye, he looked so cute on that bench.


The thing with being an African timer is that you have to be a charmer. So that when you land, you sneak up on him and charm your way into having him forget that you made him wait.


Once you warm your way in, you give him some love, because he really deserves it. A patient man is a keeper, but don’t make it a habit. It’s important not to test one’s limits every too often, you might find yourself dating yourself.




He made me feel like a teenager once again, lots of puppy love. The teasing and the feeling like you’re the only bean in his githeri or meat in his stew one and never wanting to let go – you know, let’s just hold hands forever. We set off to a great start, and onto the train we hopped.


With my short dress (to impress him of course) and a high distance from the train step, I definitely needed a pick-me-up. Don’t we all love ourselves a supportive man? That’s a keeper too. And up we went, getting ready for our ride for the day.



In the cabin, I barely noticed we’re on a train ride, because of how smooth he (I mean, it) is. It could simply be the #BestDateEver. How he looked at me, held me, touched me, whispered sweet nothings and made me blush from here to high heavens. That’s definitely a keeper!



When we reached the end of our short day trip, we just felt the need to peep out, take a breath of fresh air and take it all in, because this was definitely a blessing from above and it felt nothing short of a perfect moment in our imperfect world – we’ll forever treasure it!


Thanks to Bspoke Kenya Photographers (@thanabster and @keganking) and our Best Couple – Michael Ngigi and Flo Ngigi for this fun shoot, and especially for making this rather ordinary day, not so ordinary one. It’s now absolutely special and will forever remain etched in our memories. Lot’s of love, light & peace your way!


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*