The Fresh Perspective.

When you go through a certain situation, good or bad, there’s a way that everyone who is something in your life has something to say about that situation. Some see it like, ‘there’s a reason why things happen’, ‘there’s something better in store for you’, ‘you’re totally screwed’, , ‘you’re so lucky’, ‘you totally deserved it’, ‘I’m so happy for you’, ‘let’s work this one this out’, ‘you won’t be a able to’, ‘you will make it through’, ‘don’t worry, it’ll be okay’ … most of the time the reactions are completely different, they come in all forms positive, negative, encouraging, supportive, dismissing, concerned and helpful ones. Don’t we always want people to be leaning towards the positive reactions, you know agree with what we say or do, offer assistance and so on? I do.


However, besides having other people responding to your situations, there’s the way you also see it. It could be a situation where you want others to react positively to, but whether or not people give their opinions about it at the end, it’s about what you think about it yourself. How you view it, your perception of it. Good things could be happening to you, but you fail to realize because you wanted more or you were really interested in other things besides the good that’s happening to you. Such that your perception of that good thing seems not so good after all. For example, you could have gotten a good job, with a good pay so to say, but when you evaluate you see that money won’t be enough to handle your bills and it gets downhill from there. Instead of you being thankful that you have a good job and you’re getting some good experience and exposure; and you are able to put a roof over your head and food on the table, you think how bad it is that you don’t have extra for vacays, outings or for expensive clothes and shoes. Been there, done that. Forgetting that I am favoured to have a great job or there’s much more to look forward to than the simple pleasures that money can buy.

It could also be something bad that has happened to you *God forbid* and we have every right to have negative reactions. Feel bad for ourselves and wonder why it happened to us, not thinking if it didn’t happen to us it could probably be happening to someone else, and they would also feel as bad as you are. It’s good to feel bad, but then how we take it up from our feelings, is what determines the outcome. You could look at it from the point of; Why? You’re totally crushed! You just don’t know what to do next! Your world has come to an end. On the other hand, you could look at it as an opportunity to work harder, to do it differently so that you don’t get the same results again or if it’s something that’s beyond of your control, know that for everything that happens there is an inherent reason why that you don’t necessarily have to know (that sucks though). I am one of those firm believers that God has it all planned especially for those negative things that happen to us in as much as I would never want anything bad to happen to me and my loved ones, but again it’s out of our control. It could be losing someone or something, accidents, heart-breaks, diseases, failures, disappointments and so on. Since it’s merely out of your control, look  for people who will support you, give you hope, have faith in you. Last but not least, believe in God and depend on him for things to get better for you. There are some things that don’t make sense, never will, and the more you dwell on get answers to them, the more it becomes frustrating.

Perspective is everything. It’s your outlook of life, how you choose to see things, even when you’d rather be blind to them. It’s not about eye-sight though, it’s mind-sight. Sometimes your mind can see things that your eyes have not yet seen. And if you can dream it, think it, then at some point I am pretty sure you will actually get to see it … literally! All the best in your endeavours.

Special shout out to my mum who just started running a clinic. After many years of working for and with organisations, helping others start their dreams, she resigned to follow her own dream of having her own clinic. I know it’s not easy but I totally love your fresh perspective on it. We can’t see it physically now, but your mind has and I believe that what you see will come to be. Plus I’ll support you all through in whichever way I can and make every effort even when I feel I can’t.


How’s July coming along? Yet to update you on last month. It was an awesome one by all means.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*