The Friday Awesomeness

Thank God It’s Friday! You know one of those weeks where you have some internal pressures but you can’t even begin to describe them even to yourself. Yaaay! Got a supervisor and a topic for my Thesis, now to start getting my hand dirty…already cringing at the thought.

Just so that you know, so many people from the different areas in your life have so many expectations from you, whether you like it or not. How to meet all their expectations and still be sane? Learn to organize yourself, it can get cray, if you know what I mean. But the bottom line is, always keep your awesomeness and share it with those around you!

Random Thoughts

Just got myself wondering at some point, “Should I be silent so that people can be surprised that I actually talk I’m a chatter box or should I talk so that people can be surprised that I have my silent moments?”

This came about when I was told am being too quiet / zoned out. However, for me there was nothing wrong, I was just being quiet/zoned out just because that’s how my body was feeling. I was enjoying it, then there times I go HAM on conversations, then there are times I just feel like laying it all back so that I can accumulate content to talk when I start it off again joke. Just saying, human beings are unpredictable, we all have our unspoken moments, those that we don’t even know about until someone else observes and points it out to you.

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

Fun things for sure, but let the weekend surprise me this time round.

I’m Craving

Delish dinner for two perhaps *wink* that’s me hinting at the mister, hope the hint arrives safely. And drinks with friends, where my friends at?

Songs of the Week

Dj Miss Ray Madness Snippets – Some awesome mix, I totally like! See, getting accustomed to the NO YouTube vibes with some cool Dj mixes!

I Want and Pray

I think our country (Kenya) is in a crisis but it seems like no one is really concerned. Or they are and are not saying anything, or they are doing something in the background and it’s yet to reflect on the interface (too many or’s…I just don’t know. What are they doing?). Well, I want the best for our country and I pray for our leaders to be good leaders that put their followers or the people they lead first.

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.