The Genesis of Self-Realignment

Are You The Person You Would Want To Have In Your Team?

If there’s one thing I really value, and I mean really value, is having conversations with people. And not just regular conversations, the kind that leaves someone feeling like their story is just as significant as the next persons or the persons they look up to that seems so out of their league. The one thing I struggled with when growing up and trying to make a name for myself, was thinking that my story was rather ordinary. Mainly because nothing significant had happened in my life and still, nothing significant has happened really. Or so I think. And by significant, I mean, something dramatic that would make heads turn, or that would make people feel inspired by my story.

If anything my life has been very progressive if I may say so. Everything has happened to me one step at a time. See, very regular.

And when things happen to you one step at a time, you seem to miss the bigger picture. It’s not like when you win an award, or when you’re recognized for something outstanding you have done for yourself or for something tremendously impactful you’ve done for your community or society. Then, you have something to associate yourself with, you’ll say, “I’m an award winning author,” or “I was the creator of this and that” or “the project I founded did this and that” or “I have been through this and that”. But when you’ve been in the background of things, or you’ve been doing things in your usual way and making small strides here and there that have enabled you to grow to where you are to date; when you’re telling your story, it’s rather nerve-wracking when placed besides someone who has those accolades to back theirs up.

For my love of conversations, to this day, I have encountered different kinds of people and I came to realize that there are many like me, the average Joe’s and Jane’s. And to be honest, this has inspired me a whole lot more. Inspired me to the point where I decided that I’ll own my progress, and that progress will be my significance. So last year, when the institution I am currently working with went into receivership, I thought to myself that this is it. That it was the ideal period for me to transform myself, my thoughts and my being. That how I will handle myself in that funk, would be a defining moment for me. Not for anyone else, for myself.

Will I crash and burn or will I rise and soar?

the jump

At this point, the institution (and any other institution for that matter), is just that, an institution. But what am I outside of it. What am I outside of all the institutions I have worked for? What makes me the person that you would want to have in your team? Actually, what makes me, the person I would want to have in my team? When I asked myself these questions, is when I believe I entertained the thought of realigning myself. It didn’t occur to me as a light bulb moment then, so once again it was very progressive.

It was then conceived on one of those days when I was having a pity party for myself. Like, externally, I do seem like I have my shit together, but internally, I really feel like I don’t have my shit together. Like my good seeds are scattered all over the place and I just need to go picking them up and sowing them properly in order to reap a healthy harvest. After all, you reap what you sow, ain’t it? Translated into what I wanted? I wanted to be an instigator or motivator of something meaningful and impactful.

I decided, I could sit and do nothing about this nudge or I could take it one day at a time, one activity at a time. I didn’t know what it was then, but I knew that I wanted to package myself as an individual, and while at it, align myself with people who fit into that package. Better yet, share in my vision. So much so the conversations I would have with the people close to me were around their personal experiences, personal growth and opportunities on what we can take up or explore to better ourselves. Interestingly, remember the secret? It says,

When you focus your thoughts on something you want, and you hold on that focus, you are in that moment summoning what you want with the mightiest power in the Universe.

If I could, I would quote the whole damn book.

To change anything on the outside, you must become the change on the inside. How the change will happen is not up to you. That is the job of the Universe. Your job is to radiate all good from the inside, and the outside circumstances will change to reflect the ‘all good’ inside you.

I was tired of doing things for the sake of doing them or because I have to do them, which is technically how my life has always been set up. Things have been laid out for me and not from a privileged point of view, but from a point of having things work out even when the tough gets tougher. From home, I was brought up in a conservative environment and had an equally conservative background. When it came to schools, my parents gave me the best they could and they really were the best in my books (except for a stint in a primary boarding school that really stressed the hell out of my young self. Luckily they read the signals and got me out). When it came to jobs, I got the jobs when I sought for them and I’ve been fortunate to be in places with structures and where things are more or less laid out. Mine has been to put in the work and deliver. All this has been because it has to be done, and that’s just the way it is.

Here I was, posing myself a challenge that I can’t be a regular and be content with it. It is comfortable, yes, but I knew what will make me feel fulfilled is way outside of my comfort zone. And it required me to strip myself bare and start dressing up all over again so that I can wear the right clothes for this occasion. And if it meant getting a stylist so that I can get the attire right, so be it. I mean we don’t want to be turning up in a tee, jeans and sneakers in a gala night now do we?

Dig deep into who I truly am, so that I can put out the right story. Do things because I have an end in mind and not just a plain ol’ end, but one with a fulfilling purpose for myself, those around me and those within my reach. And thank God for the internet, because reach now is not limited to my locality, but it’s universal.

That was the genesis of my journey to self-realignment, the fold before the jump. On the next posts linked back to this one, I’ll be sharing with you in some more detail how my journey has been throughout the year (aha! it’s been a year since last year April, duh!). No drama, so don’t get over excited, but it has been mentally stimulating to say the least – with a couple of ups and downs, and with a lot of perspectives and opportunities, the kind that had never occurred to me before. And it goes on and on and on (as I’m about to break into Aaliyah’s song – One In A Million). I’m still on that journey and very present as I drive through. 

I’ll leave you with my new quote that I have just formed and that I literally hang on to if you know me (and I hope no other brilliant soul has written it down before me so that it can be credited back to me – but if there is, I won’t even Google it, because great minds…),

To live is to learn and to learn is to live. 

Feel free to ask me anything regarding this topic. And if you have suggestions on anything else you would like me to write about, please don’t hesitate. We can explore it together.

Till next time. 

Stay Inspired,