The Gift of the Wok

Nothing accommodates laziness better than the Wok. But also, nothing displays your inner chef better than the Wok. Though I think it was meant for the former, because of its ability to hold everything, mix it up in there and in the end get some finger licking product. It’s simply impressive.

We received this Wok as a gift during our wedding from one of our aunties and as I unpacked it I wondered, “Okay, when to use this?” It felt a little bit too big, considering I am currently just cooking for two. I just didn’t know its significance until the day I was craving some homemade pan fried chicken. My stomach was saying yes, but the rest of the body was saying no, but in most cases, what the stomach wants, the stomach gets. We love the oven, but this wasn’t the day. Only the crispy pan-fried chicken pieces was on our mind.

And that’s how I remembered of this huge pan-like thing that we hadn’t unpacked yet. All I had to do was just marinate the chicken, grease the pan, throw it all in there, add some little water, cover it and just let it slow cook. So as it cooks it forms its own water, the little water added at the beginning just accelerates this process. And as it boils it cooks, and the water eventually evaporates. You just do a bit of tossing in the process to just ensure that it’s cooking evenly. Then when the water out, you add your vegetables to give it some life and taste. Add some onions, bell peppers, coriander, tomatoes mix it up once again and let them simmer with the heat in the pan – use low heat. This also helps the chicken to brown and have that crispy feel.

Wok, Wedding Present

It got me pretty excited about the meal. I even prepared some pan-fried beef and then bone marrow on a later date. There’s something about new things, especially after you figure them out.  Like when I figured out where to store it in my kitchen. Now we’re yet to unpack the rice cooker and the deep fryer. I know the need for them is lingering. But these things make such great wedding pressies!

Wok, Wedding Present

So in case you were wondering what to get your friend who is getting hitched, a Wok could be make a good one. It works well for those days that you want to impress your husband and prepare him a delicious meal, but you’re just worn out and just need to chill. It allows you to have both, kinda like have your cake and eat it too. It was one of my favorites.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*