The Things I Have Learnt About Setting Personal Goals.

As we ushered in the New Year, I found myself contemplating whether I should set new resolutions for the year. Why you wonder? Well, because in recent past I’ve seen influential people on my social media spaces say how rubbish resolutions are. You set them and by month one, you’ve already absconded them. And there’s so much truth to that sentiment, because that’s exactly what happens. You start with so much zeal, then before you know it, you’re wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?” because you’re way ahead of yourself.  And so you would see in sarcastic tones updates saying, “it’s time that for the New Year, New Me type of updates” and even if they’re not directed at you, deep inside you feel targeted.

This got me very conscious about what I was actually putting out at that time of the year.  Am I saying these things I want to do because I can, and it’s the time of the year when it’s appropriate to say them, and that and I have the platform to do so? Or am I saying them, because I actually mean it and I really want to see to it that I have achieved those things by the end of the year? And so I just decided to read a little more on how I can set out some goals that are SMART but exciting for me at the same time. I managed to get some amazing insights which helped me set up my personal goals for the year.

When I think of goals, my feeling is that they’re generally very formal and lackluster. Because I look at them from a work perspective, considering work makes up a big part of my life – 8 to 5 everyday (with some extra hours sometimes) is no joke. And so I decided to go down to the basics, and just look at the different things that make up who I am (and not just work), the serious and the not so serious – so I can make room for basically everything that makes my world go round.

The thing about setting goals at this point in my life, is that I have to be intentional about the things I want to achieve. When I am not intentional about it, then chances are that I won’t be able to execute it. And instead of just having an overall goal, I decided to add in some action points that give me a detailed breakdown of how to go about achieving the overall goals in the different areas. The areas I chose to focus on are; Money Management, Fun, Family & Friends, Health, House, Marriage, Career and Mind. Then at the center, I have the exciting words that speak to everything I want to do, such as; grow, love, pray, live, be you, learn, believe and so on.

Setting Goals, KawiSnippets

Trying to ensure that I actually start working on those activities that I’ve put under each goal, is another challenge in itself. And in as much as they’re very specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound, I have found that there are some I am struggling to act on already and not because I cannot do them, but because life gets in the way of doing those things. However, writing them down has helped to keep me on toes, because it is daily reminder of what I need to do, and that I don’t have all my shit together – which weirdly so, serves as a big inspiration for me. Because sometimes you think you’re the shit, but really, you’re not there yet. (Excuse the French, there was no better way to put it out there.)

So, today I am here to tell you that resolutions are not rubbish! Set them, whether you live up to them or not, they will definitely keep you on your toes. They’ll remind you that you still have a lot to be done, and that the world is not done with you just yet. So go on, get a notebook or a board, write those goals, break them down into actionable points, and try your level best to actually get down to doing each one of them. It’s a challenge worth trying and an exciting way to look at your goals.

Happy Weekend!

Signing ~~~ *Kawi*