Thinking about Friendship.

I’m the kind of person who would repeatedly beat myself up over what kind of friend I am to my friends. Do you ever do this to yourself? Normally, I would tend to feel that I am not there yet as a model friend at least based on the observation I’ve made with people who are friends around me (having eliminated myself from this equation). And also the feedback I have received from some of my fearless friends who out rightly call me out about the way I am as a friend. Positive criticism, which I always welcome and appreciate. And my simple conclusion from this little study, is that I am simply not one the best of friends one would want to have for themselves.

And to some extent, that’s okay with me. I mean, besides the moments I’m beating myself up over what kind of friend I am, I am covertly quite okay with being that way. Take some of the things I struggle with as a friend,